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Blown-in Insulation

Efficient and Eco-Friendly: Choose Blown-In Insulation
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  • Highest rated R-value per inch of all fibrous home insulation.
  • Applied in a seamless blanket sealing area from air infiltration.
  • Organic home insulation made from recycled paper.
  • Measurably high thermal efficiency.
  • Wall and attic insulation deadens outdoor noise.
  • Natural home insulation that is Class 1 Fire Rated.
  • Non-toxic and family-safe.

Clarke & Rush Installs Greenfiber Sanctuary® Blow-In Insulation

Sanctuary requires 13 times less energy to manufacture than fiberglass insulation⁴, is made with 85% postconsumer paper material and is free from unhealthy substances such as formaldehyde and asbestos.

  • 60% reduction in sound power
  • 25% reduction in heating and cooling costs
  • 85% recycled material
  • Energy Star certified
  • Formaldehyde free
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • R-Value per Inch: 3.7
  • Insulation Type: Cellulose
  • Fits any wall configuration
  • For use in attics, ceilings, crawlspaces and in floors