Following these heat pump maintenance tips will ensure that the temperatures inside your home  keep you and your family comfortable. In this article, we share some tips on maintaining your heat pump.

Like any other machine, your heat pump needs to be properly cared for in order to provide an efficient operation throughout the year and save energy. 

7 Heat Pump Maintenance Tips

  • Do a monthly check on air filters, coils, and fans and make sure to clear and replace them when necessary. Dirt on these components restricts airflow which, in turn, reduces performance and can lead to damage to the compressor. Follow your manufacturer’s instructions to prevent damage.
  • Clear the outdoor unit of snow, debris, and ice. These tend to accumulate after a long time and they can affect the efficiency of the unit. Snow and Ice can also damage components by freezing them.
  • The outdoor coil should always be kept clean. You can clean your coil using a heavy-duty degreaser and water. Make sure to switch off your unit first.
  • For proper airflow and servicing, make sure that there are no shrubs or obstructions at least 18 inches around the heat pump. Such an obstruction will not only increase the chances of debris finding its way into the heat pump, but it will also lower the unit’s efficiency.
  • The indoor condensate pan and drain should be flushed during springtime before you can use your air conditioning. If your unit is above or in a living area, call a qualified service technician for maintenance.
  • Oil the fan motors if necessary. Note that not all fan motors in a heat pump can be oiled. Some models, especially the modern ones, tend to be permanently sealed.
  • You should get your heat pump inspected regularly by a trained service technician. A technician will be able to carry out various inspections on your system including ducts, blower, filters, both indoor and outdoor coils, seal any duct leakage, and ensure that the airflow is adequate enough to provide your house with the right temperatures. Generally, your technician should check the whole system for faults and fix them. 

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