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Repiping Services in Sacramento - Clarke & Rush

Repiping Services in Sacramento

Take Efficiency and Cleanliness to Another Level With New Pipes Today!

Are you tired of the endless defects that develop in your water or sewer pipes? Or maybe your water pipes have aged and you need a repiping service? Our Sacramento plumbers have decades of experience in repiping homes just like yours, so call us today for an inspection and quote for your repiping project.

Signs It’s Time to Repipe the Plumbing System

  • The water pressure inside your home has dropped inexplicably.
  • The pipes are aging and are at risk of failing catastrophically anytime.
  • The water in your home has developed a foul smell or a bad taste.
  • Pipe leaks have become a frequent occurrence and your repair bills are becoming unsustainable.
  • Your water bill is rising even when your water usage habits haven’t changed.
  • Mold is growing in different parts of your home even if there’s no visible source of moisture in those areas.

If you are experiencing any, some or all of the signs above, call Clarke & Rush today so that we can give you a quote and get the repiping work started.

Repiping Services: Water Lines Using Copper or Pex Pipes

Repiping refers to a process through which all the existing pipes in a plumbing system are removed and replaced with new ones. The most common piping materials used during a repiping project are PEX pipes and copper pipes.

At Clarke & Rush, we have mastered the art and science of repiping residential and commercial properties using either of those materials. We know that some homeowners may not be in the position to tell why they should select one material and not the other, but not to worry. Here is what you need to know to make an informed decision about the best material for your water line repiping project:

Repiping Services Using PEX Pipe

PEX stands for “cross-linked polyethylene.” This specially designed piping material has unique attributes that make it suitable for residential, commercial and industrial water line systems. The benefits of PEX include;

  • It can last for up to 75 years, so this makes it an attractive material for both new construction and retrofit projects.
  • It is easier to install since it only requires few fittings.
  • Its flexibility makes it suitable for all weather conditions since it can contract and expand as need arises.
  • It is affordable since its purchase price and installation cost is low.
  • It resists condensation.
  • It is quiet (water doesn’t make noise as it flows through the pipes).
  • It resists corrosion when exposed to acidic water.

The only known drawbacks of PEX pipes are;

  • It is vulnerable to damage caused by UV radiation, so it is only suitable for indoor use.
  • It isn’t resistant to contaminants.

Repiping Services Using Copper Pipes

You may already be familiar with copper piping since this material has been used for decades in both residential and non-residential water lines. The major advantages of repiping the waterline of your home with copper pipes include;

  • It is very durable.
  • It is resistant to damage by UV radiation, and this makes the material suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Copper inhibits the growth of bacteria, so you will have no fear of microbial growths in your water supply.
  • It is workable, and therefore easy to install.

The only drawbacks of copper piping are;

  • It is susceptible to damage by acidic water.
  • The pipes are costlier than PEX pipes.

Making the Choice

The Sacramento plumbers at Clarke & Rush strongly believe that each home is unique, so there is often no clear cut answer about the material to use until we have inspected your home and discussed with you what we believe is the most cost-effective way to repipe your water line.

Let our plumbers put their more than five decades of experience in this business at your service during every step of the project. We are committed to not only repiping your home but also providing all the other plumbing services that you need to keep your bathrooms, water heaters, kitchens, disposals and any other plumbing fixture working at their very best for their entire service lives. Contact us today!

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