[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Here in Sacramento, we don’t exactly combat blizzards and ice-age weather on a regular basis , but winter still brings some considerable chill. To fight off the cold, your home or business needs to be equipped to handle the weather, no matter what it brings, and that often means a new furnace.

When a patron comes to us looking for a furnace installation, we often end up getting the same questions, “which type of furnace is best” being chief among them. We’ll tell you what we tell everyone else: All furnaces have a place, and none of them are exactly better than any other. It’s less about which is better, and more about which suits your specific needs best. Not much of an answer, is it? Well, let’s go into a bit more detail…

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Gas vs. Electric: Understanding Your Needs

To you, you probably feel like your needs are simply to be warm! True, of course, but which furnace will keep you warmest?

Consider these questions when choosing a furnace system:

  • How large is my home?
  • How many occupants live in my home?
  • What is the availability of gas in my area compared to electricity?
  • What does my budget look like?
  • How much power does my furnace need to have to keep my home warm?

You might feel like these questions further confuse the issue, but in actuality, you need to consider them to make the right choice.

Electric Heating

Electric heat is a mainstay, and can be found in the majority of homes. They come with some solid perks, including:

  • Availability. While you might not be able to get gas in your home, depending on location, etc, electricity is paramount to daily life, and is available anywhere.
  • Safety. If you’re concerned about unsafe gasses, electric furnaces produce none of them!
  • Initial cost. Electric heating is generally much cheaper to install, making it a solid choice for homes and businesses.
  • Quiet. Electric heat is no louder than a whisper, helping keep the peace in your home.

The downfall of electric heat is, of course, electricity is expensive. The installation may come at a lower cost, but per thermal unit, electricity is more costly.

If you’re interested in installing an electric furnace in your home, Clarke & Rush is at your service! Contact us today to learn more!

Natural Gas Heating

Gas furnaces have been around for a long time, and they’ve stuck around for so long because of an impressive list of benefits:

  • Efficiency. Per BTU (British Thermal Unit), no other heating system gets as much efficiency. This means per dollar, you’re getting more heat.
  • Power. While electric heat is sufficient for most homes, larger homes or homes with few occupants will benefit from the raw strength of a gas heater.
  • Consistency. Not being tied to power, gas is available as a fuel at any time, making it a consistent and solid choice.

Gas is cheaper to operate, more expensive to install.

A gas furnace is a great heating option in the Sacramento area, contact us to learn more!

So, Which Do I Choose?

Well, as we mentioned before, it’s best to evaluate your heat according to your needs. Do you need the raw power of gas, or the safety and availability of electricity? If you’re still confused on the issue, our certified experts would be happy to help!

Furnace Repair & Maintenance Services in Sacramento

Clarke & Rush provides the following heating system services:

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