When replacing your windows and doors, it’s important to know what kind of warranty you’re getting. Be sure to ask! Accidents happen, and things go wrong from time to time. Last thing you want is to be charged ridiculous fees to fix damages done to your windows.

Most window replacement companies have limited warranties that range from 10 to 20 years. And different warranties encompass labor, glass breakage, and screen warranties (some places only replace the frames).
It’s possible that you think you’re still eligible for a warranty, but learn afterwards that your labor warranty has expired or didn’t even exist. So even though you thought you’d get a free replacement, you end up paying fees due to costs of the repairman coming and replacing the window.

Another important element of a warranty to note is whether or not its transferable. Let’s say that you end up selling your house. There’s an option to be able to transfer that warranty to the new homeowner. How does this benefit you? It shoots up your home value. But many window warranties don’t offer it.

At Clarke and Rush, we have a double-lifetime warranty. We have an unlimited, no pro-rated warranty on labor and material. And you can take that warranty and transfer it to whoever buys your home for free. It also covers screen bending and glass breakage.