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Furnace Repair Near Me

When temperatures dip in Sacramento and the surrounding areas, homeowners rely on their furnaces to maintain a warm and cozy environment. For professional, dependable, and local residential furnace repair, look no further than Clarke & Rush. Our NATE Certified HVAC technicians have vast experience with all makes and models of furnaces, ensuring your home stays warm when you need it most.

At Clarke & Rush, we understand that a well-functioning furnace is integral not just for comfort, but also for managing gas bills and ensuring reliability. That’s why our furnace repair services focus on diagnosing and fixing issues quickly and accurately. Our technicians, who undergo background checks and drug screenings, are dedicated to offering you a service that not only meets your needs, but also prioritizes your safety.

So when you find yourself searching for “Furnace Repair Near Me,” remember Clarke & Rush is your trusted local specialist in residential furnace repair. We’re committed to keeping your home warm, comfortable, and energy-efficient throughout the cooler months.

Popular Furnace Repairs in Sacramento

Our team is here for every issue you have, big or small, but there are some common heater problems we see more regularly than others in the area. If you’re curious about the problems our Sacramento heaters face, explore this list of furnace issues your unit may experience:

  • Dirty air filters
  • Weak pilot light
  • Broken blower belt / bad motor
  • Limit switch malfunction
  • Cracked heat exchanger

Signs Your Furnace Needs Repairs

How do you know if something is wrong with your furnace? Here are a few of the most common issues with furnaces:

Unusual Noises

It’s rare that a furnace is completely silent, but loud noises that are happening frequently can indicate a serious issue. It’s important to pay attention to the sounds you hear and if possible describe them to one of our team members so they can better assess the issue on their way to your home or business.

Strange Smells

It’s not uncommon for a furnace to smell like the fuel they use the first time they are turned on for the season. Normally after the system has been running for a few minutes, that smell will disappear. If the warm air coming from your furnace continues to have an abnormal odor, chances are there is an issue with your furnace.

Starter Problems

As your system gets older, you may have issues starting it up or keeping it running. If your unit takes several times to start up or you have to restart it multiple times throughout the day, chances are you have an issue with your unit.

Pilot Light Discoloration

If your pilot light is healthy, it normally appears blue. A pilot light indicating issues will show yellow or another color that you don’t normally see. If you have a discolored pilot light, you need to call our team for a system evaluation.

Fast Sacramento Furnace Repair

Having a heating contractor you can trust and depend on is fantastic for your budget, time and comfort, but Clarke & Rush pays attention to every detail. Your broken furnace may seem like an inconvenience, but we know how dangerous an unexpected freeze can be – especially when the temperatures drop lower than normal.

We work quickly for your convenience, but also for your safety. Our technicians have faced every kind of repair you can think of in the field with grace under pressure. This means we are prepared to reestablish that warm shield between your Sacramento home and the biting cold.

Need Expert Furnace Repairs?

Your heating needs are our concern. When your furnace can’t face the cold, rely on the team who can fix, adjust and persuade your system to start working steadily again. We have the tools, we have the knowledge and we have the passion. Give us a call today for any and all furnace repairs, Sacramento!

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