Windows can quickly fall into disrepair and necessitate costly replacements if you don’t act proactively. It’s a good rule of thumb to follow the necessary routine maintenance to the keep your home’s windows looking and performing at their very best. Here are some helpful maintenance tips you can implement to prolong the beauty and function of your windows.

Window Maintenance Tip: Perform an Annual Inspection

You can only fix a problem that you are aware of. For this reason, Clarke and Rush windows experts strongly recommend that you perform a thorough inspection of your windows once each year in order to identify any deterioration, water damage, cracks and any other form of damage on the windows.

Catching this damage early will allow you to fix the defect at an affordable cost instead of waiting until the problem deteriorates and the only remedy is either to spend a lot of money on window repair or acquiring window replacements.

Window Maintenance Tip: Keep Tracks Clean and Lubricated

Not many homeowners remember to clean the tracks of their windows as those individuals clean the window glass. While cleaning the window glass provides immediate gratification in terms of a clean line of sight to the view outside, window tracks are the unsung heroes of all windows since they keep the windows functional.

So, it’s wise for you to use a stiff brush to clean the tracks each time you clean the window glass. After the cleaning exercise, get some oil-free lube and lubricate these tracks so that the windows can open or close effortlessly. Sacramento window repair professionals warn you to stay away from oily lubricants because they will trap dirt and grime, making the windows inoperable within a short time.

Window Maintenance Tip: Keep the Glass and Frames Clean

Cleaning window glass and frames doesn’t only provide cosmetic benefits. Regular cleaning gets rid of dirt and grime that accelerate the rate at which windows deteriorate. For example, the dust that accumulates on windows can cause metallic components to start corroding. It also damages paint. Also, when you clean your windows regularly, you get an opportunity to perform mini-inspections for any developing defect. This allows you to call the Clarke and Rush windows experts to resolve the developing problem promptly.

Window Maintenance Tip: Repair or Replace Window Screens

It is also advisable for you to clean and inspect the window screens on a regular basis since they are exposed to the same conditions as your windows. However, you should be gentle when cleaning the screens since they are more delicate and can easily develop rips and tears. Repair any torn or ripped screen, or replace it altogether if the damage is extensive. While at it, don’t forget to inspect the screen frames for signs of deterioration (warping and cracks, for example).

Window Maintenance Tip: Caulk and Seal the Windows as Needed

Over time, the caulking and sealants on your windows deteriorate due to the effect of the elements. When this happens, water and heat can seep through, thereby lowering the energy-efficiency of your home. Re-caulk and reseal any worn caulking or sealant so that your windows remain effective at keeping the elements out.

Many of the maintenance activities above are doable for most average homeowners while those with inexperience may find it hard to perform some of the needed tasks, such as caulking a leaking window. Call windows experts in Sacramento, CA for help if you are unable to repair or maintain the windows on your own. The professionals from Clarke & Rush will help you to get the longest possible service life from those windows.