As a homeowner, the New Year could mean it’s time to re-evaluate your home and decide; is it time for window replacement?

How do I know I need Window Replacement?

One of the main areas you can look at during this coming New Year is how to cut down on energy spending. Your windows can play an important role in the amount of money you spend on energy each year. Their role in energy conservation and increasing the value of your home is crucial.

A few questions to ask yourself before committing to a window replacement 

  • Do your windows leak? 
  • Are your energy bills going up all of a sudden? 
  • Have you noticed any condensation between the window panes? 

The condition of your windows will affect the temperature in your home. If you are using an HVAC system, your windows can help reduce its energy consumption if they are in good condition. Here are some of the things you can do for a window makeover for more energy efficiency at home.

Seal up Any Cracks 

First, find out whether there are cracks on the structure of the window. These cracks allow cold air to flow into the house. You can do so by holding a flame close to the window. If the flame flickers then there is draft which will significantly increase energy consumption. You can fix these cracks using caulk or weather stripping. 

Double Glazing 

This involves having two or three layers of windows with a layer of an inert gas, such as argon, sealed between them. A window contractor will make the seal airtight so that the gas cannot escape. 

Double glazed windows help save on energy costs by creating thermal insulation for your home. Your house will be better able to maintain its temperatures thus preventing your air conditioning from working too much. 

Additionally, double glazed windows limit the amount of condensation on the windows during the winter season. The air inside the panes prevents the water from crystallizing, which prevents the temperatures inside the house from dropping. 

Using High-Efficiency Low-E Coating Storm Windows

Storm windows are made as an addition on either the external or internal panel of an already existing window. You can have storm windows without the low-E coating. They will still prevent cold air from getting inside the house during the cold season. 

By adding a coat, which is usually early invisible, you will significantly reduce the loss of heat from your house through conduction and radiation. This will help you save on energy consumption. 

Using Window Films 

Window films are mainly made of polyester products such as tint and are applied to the glass to reduce the cooling load by keeping the sun out. The film blocks the UV light from getting into your house through the pane. This makes them highly energy-efficient during the summer period because your indoor temperatures will remain constant. 

Window films are also ideal for homeowners who want an unobstructed view of the world around them. 

Making your windows more energy efficient as part of your New Year’s plan is an excellent idea. You can always rely on Clarke & Rush for professional window installation in your home.