Winters can be very cold in Sacramento. The extremely cold temperatures are not something most people want to experience. That’s why most people want to stay in their warm home during the winter. Clarke & Rush shares how to keep your home warmer this winter with new windows!

While houses do a good job at keeping the cold out, there are things that would affect its warmth. There are also things you could do to your house to make it more habitable during the cold season. For example, getting new windows. Your home’s windows are a great part of what keeps you warm during the winter. Inefficient windows not only allow you to feel the cold, but they also increase the energy cost in your house since your heating system will be working overtime. It is, therefore, important to consider the kind of windows you have in your house and how effective they are. 

Is it time to have your Sacramento window contractor replace the ones you have? 

Window experts at Clarke & Rush discuss some of the benefits of adding new windows in your house. 

New windows eliminate cold draft. 

There’ll always be a soft stream of cold air drifting into the house during the cold season. Get yourself a set of new windows and eliminate this cold draft. Draft not only makes you colder than you are supposed to be, but it also increases your energy consumption since your heating system will have to work harder to keep you warm. You can always tell whether there is draft in your house by holding a flame close to the window. A flickering flame means there is a draft. 

They offer extra protection from the elements. 

New and modern windows offer great functionality during the cold season. For example, people living in extremely cold places need modern windows with double panes. Argon gas is pumped in between the panes for energy efficiency. Anlin windows a great variety of high-quality and energy-efficient windows. 

New Windows have a lower U-value. 

Your new windows will be able to keep your house warm due to their great heat insulation properties. They are built with materials that keep the heat inside the house thus keeping you warmer. The lower the U-value of your window the better. This way, once the temperature inside the house gets warm enough for you, the windows will be able to maintain it. 

You will forget about temporary fixes.

This happens a lot during the cold season. People tend to turn to temporary fixes to keep the draft out. You will no longer have to install caulking, weather stripping or filming with new windows. Caulking is not a reliable option because it cracks eventually. 

They encourage more natural light into your home. 

No need to cover up your windows with blinds and drapes when you have new windows. Their effectiveness in keeping away the cold will allow you to simply let the sunshine into your home. 

A good window replacement company will have your house well fitted with new and modern windows that will see you brave the winter. At Clarke & Rush, we offer widow replacement services to keep your house habitable throughout any season. Give us a call and we will help you keep warmer this winter with new windows!