Chances are, someone you know has recently remodeled their home with energy efficient windows. Maybe you’ve even heard them talking about all the perks they now enjoy. Yet here you are looking for even more reasons to make the switch.

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Windows have changed over the last few decades. New technologies have improved energy efficiency, leaving homes with older windows at a severe disadvantage. Here’s a list of 9 benefits you’ll enjoy with energy efficient home replacement windows.

1. Style Upgrade

Older single pane wooden windows are bland nowadays. You want options when it comes to making changes to your home. Replacement windows now come in a wide variety of materials and color options.

Replacement windows materials can include:

  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Fiberglass
  • Composite
  • Decorative

2. Remodeling Options

Replacing old windows provides an excellent opportunity to redesign your window layout. Many homes feature floor plans that use obsolete and fixed window styles.

Replacing older fixed windows lets you rethink how you want the windows in your home to serve your needs. Is your bathroom window fixed shut? Could your kitchen use a slider?

Many modern models replace older windows with new functionality. Replacing fixed windows with new models provides better ventilation and improved air circulation throughout your home.

3. Added Comfort

Older single pane windows don’t provide a great deal of comfort if you haven’t noticed. Sitting next to an old window often feels chilly or drafty during colder months. In the summer months, the sun makes rooms and surfaces very hot.

Without modern insulation, older windows create drafts in the winter and overheat the house in the summer. Newer models now have double and triple panes that help insulate rooms from the elements.

Energy efficient replacement windows support stable temperatures during the winter and reduce drafts. With double and triple panes, modern windows filled with Argon gas provide better cold weather insulation keeping your home comfortably warm.

New energy efficient windows have Low-E coatings that prevent a range of sunlight from entering your home. By preventing this range of light, you can rest assured the summer sun won’t work against your air-conditioner.

4. Reduced Noise

The spaces between panes of glass do more than insulate against outdoor temperatures. New windows also help dampen street noise and other loud sounds outside.

Homes in populated cities and neighborhoods are built closer together. Less space between homes means less room for noise to dissipate. With single pane windows, sitting in your living room while the neighbor mows their lawn can be almost unbearable.

However, energy efficient windows have insulation that help dampen outside noise creating a quieter indoor atmosphere.

5. Less Condensation

Condensation can be a serious problem in rooms that have higher levels of humidity. Kitchens and bathrooms are notorious places where moisture collects in the air.

This can be a serious problem for those with asthma and a constant battle to keep window surfaces clean. It all starts when moisture collects in the air before condensing on cold window surfaces. The moisture then collects and runs down the window, creating ugly streaks and puddles of water.

But condensation creates more than just a mess. The increased presence of water can cause mold and mildew to form. Mold damage, if left unchecked, can cause serious damage to your home and valuables, not to mention your health.

Energy efficient replacement windows reduce the amount of condensation that forms. The insulation that helps maintain indoor temperatures also helps keep surface temperatures above the threshold that attracts moisture from the air.

While condensation cannot be totally avoided, replacing fixed windows with sliding alternatives can help ventilate rooms and reduce humidity before it becomes a problem. If you’re thinking about replacing a fixed window in your home, check out the primer on modern window styles.

6. Easier Cleaning

While energy efficient windows prevent condensation and water marks, every window requires occasional cleaning. However, newer options make cleaning less of a chore than pesky single pane windows.

As you know, you can reach the inside surface of a window from inside your home. However, the outside surface of the glass needs special attention and that rickety ladder from the garage.

However, new replacement windows make cleaning much easier than before. Energy efficient windows, like double hung designs, flip down from their rails providing easier access to the outside surface. With modern designs, you spend more time enjoying clean windows and less time balancing on the ladder.

7. Monthly Savings

Heating your home in the winter and cooling it in the summer is much harder with single pane wooden windows. Believe it or not, your single pane windows don’t do a great job of retaining indoor temperatures.

Running the heater in the winter with single pane windows can be very costly. Without the modern insulation of energy efficient windows, the warm air you’re paying for leaks out of your home.

Similarly, single pane windows don’t exactly help maintain cooler temperatures in the summer. Because sunlight enters through these single panes of glass unfiltered, the full spectrum of light passes through the glass, effectively turning your home into a greenhouse.

Newer technology helps prevent these troublesome effects. Low-E coatings and Argon gas filled panes help insulate your home and maintain comfortable temperatures. When you retain heat in the winter and keep your house cool in the summer, opening monthly bills is less of a nightmare.

8. Environmentally Friendly

Replacement windows do more than reduce heating and cooling expenses. When your heater and air conditioner run less and operate more efficiently with your home, the environment benefits as well.

By running heaters and air-conditioners less, you effectively reduce thousands of pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere, according to Energy Star.

Replacing your home windows with energy efficient models helps save you money while also helping preserve and protect the environment.

9. Ultra Violet Protection

Nowadays, you know about the harmful effects of the sun. Unlike your skin, your carpet and furniture can’t wear a thick layer of sun tan lotion.

Single pane windows can’t filter light that damages your property and deteriorates your belongings. Left unchecked, carpets and furniture can fade over time, causing unforeseen expenses.

However, energy efficient windows help filter UV light and prevent the harmful effects caused by the sun. With Low-E coatings helping to filter the natural light entering your home, you can rest assured your belonging won’t be damaged by the harmful effects of the sun.

While the advances in window technology may seem subtle and insignificant, the benefits are well worth the expense. With so many people talking about the impact of their new windows and the cost savings over time, now is the perfect time to consider remodeling your home.

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