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4 signs you need water main repair

4 Signs You Need Water Main Repair

| Clarke & Rush |

On a scale of one to severe, a leaking water line is one of the most serious plumbing issues your Sacramento, CA, home can encounter. After all, the main water line is responsible for supplying your entire home with fresh water. If you observe any of these signs, you may need to call a professional for a water line repair immediately.

Standing or Running Water

A significant water main leak can cause running water to appear along your foundation wall or standing water to appear in your lawn or on a nearby sidewalk. If you notice any of these sights, call the professionals at Clarke & Rush right away. We’ll trace the water back to its source and advise you about necessary repairs before the damage becomes even more serious.

Discolored Water

When you go to pour a refreshing glass of water or take a shower at the end of a long day, seeing discolored water can be alarming. This often indicates corrosion in aging pipes, and it can also point to a water line that’s past its prime. Contact our plumbing professionals to discover if your your home needs water main repair or repiping.

Decreased Water Pressure

If your home always has low water pressure, this might not be cause for concern. If your home’s water pressure suddenly decreases, however, this could indicate that the water line has a significant leak. Don’t wait until standing water appears on your lawn, give us a call so we can get to the root of the problem.

Unusually High Water Bills

Like sudden decreases in water pressure, unusually high water bills can be the sign of a major leak. Whether the water line is the culprit or aging pipes have caused a leak elsewhere in your home, handle it right away by contacting our plumbing professionals.

Whether you are dealing with a leaking water main or any other plumbing issue, we are here to help. Call Clarke & Rush for emergency plumbing repairs and maintenance throughout the greater Sacramento area at: 916-609-2669.

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