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why is my ac leaking

Why Is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

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Is your Sacramento air conditioner making puddles or producing a steady yet worrying drip? No problem! You’ve got Clarke & Rush at on your side and troubleshooting common air conditioning problems like these is our bread and butter. Follow along to find out what might be causing your condensation conundrum!

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What Causes a Leak & Is It a Rare Problem?

No, it’s actually not rare at all. Many of the issues are quite common, and just as many are easily remedied. When you see undue amounts of water from your air conditioner there’s even a 50/50 chance that you can fix the problem all on your own (a much different outlook if it’s your furnace that is leaking). The most common causes are these:

  • Dirty air filters. You should be sure to change your cooling system’s air filters every two months at a minimum, and every month during busier times. A dirty filter blocks air and can create more problems than just a bit of water.
  • A clogged outdoor unit. If you’ve been mowing lately, trimming hedges, cutting tree branches, or even if it’s just been really dusty outdoors, you might have a clogged up outdoor unit. A garden hose and broom can usually fix the problem right up.
  • Closed or blocked air vents. Contrary to a common myth, you gain nothing from closing vents in your home, and you can stand to lose a lot. Closing or blocking vents plays havoc on the air pressure of your HVAC system, which is carefully planned for and calibrated during AC installation.

What these all have in common is that they negatively impact air flow. When flow is restricted it generates a large drop in pressure in your cooling system, which will result in frost and ice forming in the unit. This ice, of course, begins to melt a bit and bam, you’ve got water. All three of these are an easy fix, but now we’ll start straying into issues that might take a professional to handle:

  • Condensate drain system problems. Your condensate drain handles the humidity your AC removes from home air as a byproduct of its operation. If the drain system is clogged, the hose is loose or damaged, or the drain pan is worn out, you can end up with considerable leaking. If a clog in the end of the hose is easily visible, you might attempt to clear it yourself. But in most cases this one needs a pro.
  • Refrigerant loss. Let no one ever tell you otherwise: your system never uses up its refrigerant. What can happen, however, is that your system can spring a refrigerant leak. You might be spotting leaking refrigerant, or you might be seeing the ice that results from your unit losing working pressure (neither have much of an odor), as often happens when a leak is present. This is 100% always a professional job, so be sure to give us a call!

Professional AC Leak Repair & AC Services in Sacramento, CA

Worrying over a leak and lamenting not having adequate cooling in your home or business? Stop fretting and start contacting Clarke & Rush Our specialists are dedicated to offering the best services and solutions in the business, and we can guarantee a perfect solution for any leak issue you may encounter.

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