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Can I move my HVAC unit myself

Can I Move an HVAC Unit Myself

Can I Move an HVAC Unit Myself?

Have you recently considered the possibility of moving the outdoor AC unit from its current position to another part of your property? In this article, you’ll discover some of the reasons for, and the challenges that this task involves so that you make an informed decision on whether you can take on this task by yourself or professional help is needed.

Reasons Why It May Be Necessary to Relocate Your HVAC Unit 

Aesthetic purposes.

One of the common reasons we hear from homeowners who want to move their HVAC units is that they would like that unit to be shifted to another position where it will not be a blemish (an eyesore) to the aesthetics of the property. 

Adding an extension to the property.

AC repair in Sacramento experts also see cases in which a homeowner wants to relocate the HVAC unit in order to make way for an extension/addition to the home. For example, you may be interested in adding a bedroom to your house but the outdoor AC unit is occupying part of the space that you would like to use. Moving the unit elsewhere will free this space and allow you to construct the home extension.

Complying with new building codes

Building codes evolve based on the new information about potential hazards or other concerns observed by the authorities in an area. When building codes change, all property owners are required to make adjustments so that they remain code compliant. One such change could be an increase in the minimum distance between the house and the location of the HVAC unit or any such issue.

Changes to the Landscaping

 The Clarke & Rush HVAC team have also handled HVAC unit relocation assignments for which the property owners wanted to respond to a change in the landscaping. For example, some wanted to move the outdoor unit to a more shaded area while others wanted to add plants in the area occupied by the unit.

Issues During HVAC Unit Relocation

Refrigerant Line Issues

 Experienced AC repair professionals in Sacramento know that the refrigerant line must never be bent or else a leak will develop after the relocation. Additionally, all the refrigerant must be evacuated before the relocation, and then the line has to be cleaned out to expel any air, moisture or other contaminants that may have found their way into the line during the move. Only then can the refrigerant be pumped back into the system. Also, the length and orientation (the slope, for example) of the new line should never exceed what the unit was designed to pump refrigerant through. If the distance is very long, the efficiency of your system will be affected. Do you have the capacity to handle these refrigerant line considerations?

AC Wiring Issues

AC replacement or relocation in Sacramento also involves making adjustments to the wiring system of the HVAC unit. For example, the electrical wiring of the thermostat needs to be lengthened to the new location. Similarly, the wiring to the disconnect box also has to be extended by the extra distance involved. It may also be necessary to protect or cover the extra wiring in order to avoid safety hazards (tripping hazards, for example) if the wiring runs through high-traffic areas. A high level of electrical training or experience may be needed if you are to accomplish the wiring adjustments safely and properly.

HVAC system leveling.

It is also important to check the new installation and confirm that everything is still level after you relocate the outdoor unit. This isn’t a task that can be accomplished by just looking at the lines and the different components, the experts at the best Sacramento HVAC company warn. Do you have the skills and the tools to confirm how level the system is?

As you can see, the task of relocating your HVAC unit requires more than just lifting the unit and taking it to its new position. Your safety and the efficiency of your HVAC unit is at stake, so you would be well advised to contact Clarke & Rush so that the professionals handle this job. Only then will you be sure that you won’t incur unexpected expenses of fixing problems that develop during a DIY relocation.

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