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Holiday Plumbing Horrors: How to Prevent Them

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Thanksgiving Day Plumbing Problems

There are typically two rooms of the house that will incur plumbing problems on Thanksgiving Day – the kitchen and the bathroom.

Obviously, with all the food scraps being thrown down the garbage disposal, your kitchen plumbing takes a mean whooping. Then there are the family members who have stuffed themselves to the point of unbuttoning their pants, and standing in queue for their turn to wreak havoc on your toilet. With the myriad of waste pummeling your pipes, there’s no question why plumbing problems surface.

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Preventing Plumbing Problems

By taking a few precautionary measures you can avoid most issues and save your plumbing from the battle to come.

  1. Take care of known plumbing problems before the actual day arrives. Plumbing problems have a tendency to build up over time, then become an issue at the most inconvenient times (perhaps minutes before you serve dinner). Take the time and call your local plumber early on to take care of suspected leaks or other plumbing issues that you may not be aware of. Leak detection services are available to rule out the unknown, plus it’s a good idea to identify any unknown issues to save yourself from costly damages down the line.
  2. Use the Garbage Disposal sparingly. Here are some standard rules to dispose by:
    • Don’t fill the garbage disposal completely before turning it on.
    • Don’t use the garbage disposal for grease, fat or oil.
    • Don’t dispose of fats, starches or fibrous foods in the sink, i.e., celery, poultry skin, potatoes, etc.
  1. Use a mesh strainer to keep unwanted food, or utensils from falling into the drain. This will help to prevent clogging while also keeping your utensils from getting a beaten from the disposal.
  2. DO NOT flush anything down the toilet is not toilet paper, or human waste. Watch those little ones to be sure they are not flushing their toys down the toilet, too!

In conclusion, don’t wait until Thanksgiving Day to find out you need plumbing services.

Save yourself the trouble, time and possible damage, and call a licensed plumber to schedule and appointment. At Clarke & Rush we are happy to answer any questions, and provide you with outstanding plumbing services when you need them.

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