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How Does Your Home’s Energy Efficiency Rate?

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How Does Your Home’s Energy Efficiency Rate?

How does your home’s energy efficiency rate? What grade would you give it? There’s no reason that your home shouldn’t rate as an A+ and that you save on your energy bill each month, but if you’re feeling like maybe your home energy use & bill could be lower, maybe it’s time to call the Smart Energy Savings experts at Clarke & Rush.

Energy efficiency standards change yearly, as do methods to save energy in your home, so it’s important to keep current with those changes – both for your pocketbook, and for your family’s health, comfort and quality of life.

It all starts with a Free Home Energy Site Evaluation from Clarke & Rush. If during this free site evaluation it is determined that you could really improve your home’s Home Energy Performance. the next step would be to do a complete Home Energy Audit which would provide a more detailed assessment of each area of your home’s performance that could be costing you money. Your home is measured for heating, cooling, windows, doors, insulation and plumbing, including water purification. If needed, we can even help improve your indoor air quality by sealing leaks and cracks that let unfiltered outside air make its way inside.

We can analyze your home, provide you with a professional recommendation, and help you apply for Financing Programs.

“If needed, we can even help improve your indoor air quality by sealing leaks and cracks that let unfiltered outside air make its way inside,” Pat Rush, President of Clarke and Rush said. “Our Whole House Retrofit Program focuses on ultimate home performance.”

Ultimate home performance means that you save money, and your house is the comfortable place that your family deserves. Clarke & Rush often offer large rebates and low-interest financing, and special programs that offer high dollar incentives to make upgrades. Clarke & Rush works hand-in-hand with the utilities to make sure homeowners find the proper energy solutions that allow them to take maximum advantage of any rebates and special offers.

This fall is the perfect time to make changes. During cold months, heating your home is typically your highest energy expense – oftentimes heating can account for half of your monthly utility bill. An audit will let you know if you need to update insulation, sealing, or maybe your filters just need to be cleaned.

Water heating is often the second largest energy expense this time of year. Most water heaters can last between 10 to even 20 years, and maintaining them properly can not only extend the life of the water heater, but also increase efficiency by minimizing heat loss. The bottom Line? There are plenty of ways to save on your energy usage.

Remember the first step is to have Clarke & Rush come out for a free Home Energy Site Evaluation, and know that Clarke & Rush has been providing quality service to the community since 1963. “Clarke & Rush is all about Smart Energy Savings for you,” Pat said. ‘We strive to improve the efficiency of your home, saving you money, and also helping the environment.”

Clarke & Rush is proud to be a designated Home Performance Contractor, a distinction awarded to only a handful of local companies. The company received an Achievement Award from the US Federal Government Department of Energy, and Pat and his team have worked hard to earn these awards and designations, and they remain committed to delivering the region’s highest quality home performance.

Your home deserves both comfort and quality, at an affordable price. Call Pat Rush and his team today and start the process of getting your home’s energy efficiency grade higher and you’ll be earning Smart Energy Savings everyday!

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