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Air Filter Replacement: Why You Can’t Ignore It

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5 Problems From Ignoring Air Filter Replacement

In this article, you’ll discover some of the risks that are likely to occur if you ignore your air filter replacement. One of the easiest and most often neglected AC maintenance activities is replacing or cleaning the air filter at the recommended interval.

1. Higher Energy Consumption 

The dangers of clogged air filters don’t stop at causing premature component wear and indoor air quality problems. Your energy bills are sure to go up if you ignore your air filter replacement. As the filter gets clogged, it becomes harder for conditioned air to flow through. The AC unit reacts to this by cycling more frequently in its bid to overcome the resistance created by the clogged filter. As you know, cycling on and staying on for longer means that the energy consumption of the system will go up, and you will feel it in your pocket sooner rather than later. To bring the energy efficiency of your unit back under control, HVAC technicians in Sacramento recommend that you create a routine to check and replace the air filter at the end of each month.

2. Indoor Air Quality Issues

The quality of the air that you breathe in your home is also going to be compromised if the air filter of the AC is clogged. The air filter, as its name suggests, serves the role of extracting different contaminants, such as pollen and pet dander, from the air being recirculated in your home. As the filter becomes clogged, it can no longer perform its task of removing these contaminants. Before long, the members of your household will start exhibiting symptoms resulting from poor indoor air. Asthma attacks will increase, allergies will worsen or develop, and so many other effects of poor indoor air quality will manifest. The experts at Clarke & Rush recommend air filter replacement once each month, or as recommended by the manufacturer of your AC unit.

3. Inadequate Heating/Cooling

When the air filter is clogged, it will be harder for air to flow through the air conditioning system. Consequently, some parts of your home will not be cooled or heated to the same degree as other sections of the property. This is what is commonly referred to as “hot and cold spots.” Air conditioning service and repair technicians in Sacramento reveal that clogged filters are often the culprit when homeowners complain that their AC units can no longer heat or cool the home as they once did.

4. Frozen Components

As already mentioned, air struggles to flow through clogged air filters. When this happens, conditioned air will stay longer in the ducts than it should. Consequently, the temperature inside the ducts will keep dropping until sections of the system start freezing up. This can cause leaks to develop, and additional damage can be occasioned upon your home if moisture from the duct work starts dripping onto floors, walls and other parts of your property.

Neglecting to change the air filter can have far-reaching negative consequences for your air conditioning system and the health of the people in your home. It is imperative that you change or clean the filter as recommended so that you avoid the adverse effects discussed above. While cleaning or changing a clogged filter, don’t leave the AC running! Contact us at Clarke & Rush if you still experience any of the problems above despite replacing the air filter in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. We will inspect the entire AC system and uncover what could be compromising the performance of your unit.

5. Premature AC Component Wear

One of the most costly effects of ignoring to change air filters is the impact of those clogged filters on the internal components of the AC unit. As contaminants flow through the ducts, they will find their way to the evaporator coils and other sensitive parts in the AC.

AC replacement experts in Sacramento warn that those contaminants which reach the internal components of the unit gradually wear it out in several ways, such as preventing heat exchange. Replace your parts for your AC unit to prevent unnecessary wear.

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