When You Need Window Replacement

Many homeowners cannot indicate the condition of their home just by looking at it. So, it’s important for homeowners to keep an eye on things that may need to be replaced in the future. One day you may notice your AC unit is acting up or your windows are no longer shutting properly. This is what you can expect when your home begins to age. In this article, we discuss some of the signs that suggest a window replacement is needed.

If You Have Single Pane Windows

Yes, there are homes that still have single pane windows, and single pane windows are undesirable for two major reasons. First, they leak a lot of energy and therefore compromise the energy-efficiency of your home. Replacing these windows will do a lot of good for what you spend on energy. Secondly, single pane windows pose a big threat to the security of your home because burglars find it very easy to break these windows in order to gain entry into your home. The sooner you contact Clarke and Rush windows experts for replacements, the better.

When the Windows Start Rotting

Homeowners whose residential properties have wooden windows have to be on the lookout for rot. This defect is fairly simple to spot, because you will notice that some sections of the wood are mushy and soft. 

Sacramento window professionals assert that it doesn’t matter how large the part of the window that is mushy and soft because once these signs manifest, it is only a matter of time before the entire window is consumed by rot. Don’t try to wait the situation out, every attempt you make to resolve this defect can only slow it down, but the unstoppable countdown is on.

If the Windows Start Warping

Another sign that lets you know that it is time to replace your windows is when they warp. At the very worst, the warping will be clearly visible when you observe the windows. However, the earliest inkling you will get that the windows could be warped is that you will start using increasing amounts of energy to open or close the windows. If you are now huffing and puffing while struggling to open the windows, call window repair Sacramento experts and discuss how soon you can bring down those windows and install new ones in their place.

You Observe Condensation Between Window Panes

Look closely at your windows and see if any condensation is visible between panes. If some window panes are fogging up on their inner surfaces, chances are the seals of the windows have failed and heat is now escaping through those affected windows. Don’t even think about repairing these windows since you will waste money and the leaks will continue. A Sacramento window contractor will advise you about the most appropriate replacements to get for your area.

You Want to Give Your Home or Commercial Building a New Look

Windows are one of the features that define the character of a home. If the remodel bug has hit you and you want to give the home a makeover, the windows are a good place to start. For example, if you are renovating a historic home or renovating your commercial building in order to give it a more modern look, you can’t leave it with the original windows that were installed when the house was built.

The Windows Don’t Soundproof Your Home

Do you live near a busy road and the noise from traffic keeps you awake? That may be your cue that the current windows in your home have outlived their usefulness. New windows will not only improve the energy-efficiency of your home, they will also provide sound attenuation so that your home can be quieter. How do windows soundproof a home? Modern windows are either double or triple glazed. These layers of glass have an inert gas between them which acts as some type of insulation to prevent heat from crossing from one pane to the other. Sound is also a form of energy (just like heat), so as the panes block the transmission of heat, they also block the transmission of sound so that what may filter through will be muted.

Don’t rush to select replacement windows once you observe the signs above in your home. Contact Clarke and Rush for professional advice about the most suitable windows for your Sacramento home. Our experts will also ensure that the windows are properly installed so that the look and energy efficiency of the home is enhanced.