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3 Reasons to Keep Your Air Ducts Clean

| Clarke & Rush |

Air ducts are one of the main reasons why your home stays fresh and at a desired temperature, and yet many homeowners forget to clean them. While air duct cleaning is not necessary as often as your other routine home cleaning chores, it is something that should not be ignored. We are the top air duct cleaning contractor Sacramento has and we are just a phone call away. Call us on (916)609-2669 now.

If you want your Sacramento home to have clean air as you run your heating and air conditioning systems, keep your ducts cleaned. Consider the following three reasons to add air duct cleaning to your spring cleaning list.

  1. Allergies & Illness: If you or your family members suffer allergies or have unusual and unexplained illnesses, cleaning your air ducts should be a top priority. Air ducts are traps for dust, mold, and dirt build-up. Cleaning out your air ducts will eliminate allergens and could improve your health. If you let your air ducts go untouched, your family could develop allergies and unwanted illnesses.
  2. Heating & Air Conditioning Efficiency: When your air ducts are dust-, mold-, and dirt-free, your furnace and air conditioning will function much more efficiently. Thick layers of dust and debris slow the travel of heated and conditioned air through your ducts. If air travel is slowed, your heating system and air conditioning will have to work harder. Save your HVAC, clean your ducts!
  3. Overall Air Quality & Smell: Even if you don’t currently suffer from allergies or illnesses, air duct cleanings are vital to keeping the air in your home clean and smelling fresh. Dust, dirt, mold, mildew, rodent droppings, pollen, and pet dander are commonly found in air ducts. If your air ducts are not cleaned regularly, then these particles will be released into your home and will smell.

Contact Clarke & Rush for all of your Sacramento air conditioning and heating system needs. For over four decades, we have been focusing on all aspects of heating and cooling to improve our customers’ lives. You will be happy with our professionalism and terrific customer service. Find our online contact form here.

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