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5 Ways to Use Your HVAC System to Reduce Asthma Symptoms

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, Sacramento is ranked among the 100 worst cities in the United States for asthma sufferers and summer is one of the worst times. The warm weather and varying landscapes in Northern California can make it difficult to manage asthma symptoms, particularly for children eager to play outside.

Air Purifiers

In the Sacramento area, there are an abundance of asthma triggers such as pollen, dust, dander, and mold. By adding an air purifier to your heating and air conditioning system, you can significantly decrease the amount of particulate in the air and improve air quality in your home, helping your entire family breathe easier.


Another common asthma trigger is humidity. Changing humidity levels often exacerbate asthma symptoms. It certainly does not have to be that way, though. Discuss ways to control humidity in your home with your HVAC professional. He or she may recommend installing humidifiers or de-humidifiers as part of your HVAC system. Our knowledgeable technicians can help you determine the best solutions to keep your home and family healthy and comfortable.

UV Lamps

Ultraviolet lamps are another option you may want to consider. These lamps kill mold spores and bacteria using ultraviolet light. These lamps are usually installed inside the system to sterilize the moving air, the coils, or both, depending on your individual needs and sterilization requirements.


Routine maintenance of your HVAC system will make a big difference in mitigating asthma triggers. Regular cleaning of ductwork and frequent air filter changes will help your system run more efficiently, but will also provide cleaner air for you to breathe, in addition to reducing allergens and asthma triggers.

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Improved Systems

There are cases where the best solution might be installing a completely new HVAC system. All heating and cooling systems require adequate airflow to operate correctly, and air filters can restrict some of this air flow. If someone in your house suffers from asthma, it may be a smart choice to install a new HVAC system that can accommodate more filters without disrupting the flow of air.

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