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Furnace Maintenance in Sacramento - Clarke & Rush

Furnace Maintenance: How Often?

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Furnace Maintenance: How Often?

You may be wondering whether it is really necessary for you to fork out extra money to have your furnace inspected and serviced each year on top of your other finances. In this article, Clarke & Rush explains whether annual furnace maintenance is needed.

Is the Annual Tune-Up Necessary?

The first reason why it is advisable to have your furnace tuned-up each year is that the manufacturer of that appliance stipulates that annual maintenance is a requirement if you want the warranty to remain valid.

Sacramento plumbers say that this requirement is a reasonable one because annual furnace maintenance can forestall many of the major defects that can develop over time.

The second reason why it makes sense to have your furnace inspected and serviced each year is that you will be sure that when you need additional heat during the cold months, your furnace will be up to the task.

Annual furnace maintenance in Sacramento also catches any problems early before they worsen and become costly to fix. For example, the heat exchanger can be expensive to replace in the event it fails.

What Does a Furnace Tune-Up Include?

While there may be no industry standards about what a technician should cover when they go out to perform an annual furnace maintenance exercise, several best practices serve as a guide about what should be included during an annual service call. The following are some of the maintenance tasks that experts from Clarke & Rush perform when conducting annual furnace maintenance in Sacramento.

The Safety Switches

Safety should always come first when the health of an appliance, such as the furnace, is being checked. Experts from your Sacramento HVAC company check all the safety switches in order to confirm their condition

The Venting System

Another important check that is performed by the technicians at Clarke & Rush is a thorough check of the venting system. This system is very important because it is the one that prevents you and your family members from being poisoned by the gases given off as the furnace is working. The technician will use various techniques when expecting the venting system. A visual inspection and a combustion analysis will be given in order to ensure that nothing is amiss with the venting system.

The Electrical Wiring

Furnace maintenance in Sacramento should also include a thorough check of the electrical wiring. So if any loose connections or cases of corrosion are dealt with. These checks ensure that the furnace operates efficiently and that no electrical hazard exists.

The Ignition Device and Flame Sensor

The different components of the ignition device and the flame sensor are also checked during the furnace inspection. These components include the thermocouple, ignitor, and spark. They are also cleaned during this annual maintenance, and their readings are checked for accuracy.

The Filter

Most homeowners can check and replace a clogged furnace filter. All the same, the technicians from Clarke & Rush also check the filter to see if it was installed correctly and that it is still capable of doing its work. Dirty filters are replaced during this annual furnace maintenance. 

The Combustion Blower

The combustion blower is one of the main blowers in your furnace. It is responsible for pushing combustion air out of the furnace. The technician will check this component to see if there’s any unusual noise.

Gas Pressure

It is also necessary to check the pressure of the gas within and outside the furnace in order to ensure that it is within the design specifications of the furnace. Otherwise, gas pressure outside the tolerance levels of the furnace can cause the components of the furnace to age quickly.

As you can see, annual furnace maintenance in Sacramento is a thorough exercise whose importance should never be underrated. Ensure years of efficient furnace performance by hiring experts from Clarke & Rush to complete your annual furnace inspections and maintenance. By doing so, you’ll no longer have to worry that your furnace will malfunction when you need it the most.

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