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Air Conditioning Installation

AC Installation Contractor in Sacramento Explains Air Conditioning Install

The first big heat wave of the year seems to catch just about everyone off guard and results in a huge surge of air conditioning installs. The last thing a homeowner wants to do in the hottest days of summer is to have to replace a broken air conditioning system. The desperation of needing a new system during a heat wave can lead to frustration and rash decisions. Two things can lead to subpar consequences. For most homeowners, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system in our own homes is a bit of a mystery and replacing any equipment can seem rather daunting. This article aims to clarify what one should expect when replacing an air conditioning unit and how to avoid getting taken advantage of or making uneducated decisions. It’s always best to speak to an AC installation contractor in Sacramento for any specific questions you may have.

It is important to note a rising trend in licensed HVAC contractors to tell their customers that building permits are not required for the installation of air conditioning units. Unfortunately, this is simply untrue. In fact, a homeowner’s insurance policy may be nullified if the insurance company discovers that work has been done on the property without the necessary permits.


A thorough company will schedule a consultation with the homeowner to evaluate the specific needs of their home. Every home is different and thus will have unique HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) needs. It is helpful to have an experienced AC installation contractor in Sacramento evaluate your home and suggest the best system to provide the appropriate air conditioning.

The contractor should also discuss estimates on unit replacement as well as rebates and tax credits your family may be able to take advantage of.


Though the company you choose to install your new air conditioning unit will do the vast majority of the work, there are some things you can do to prepare your home. This will expedite the process on installation day and further ensure your home and property will be safe and unharmed.

  • Remove any obstacles around the existing unit
  • Remove all valuables in the vicinity of the installation area such as artwork or tabletop items. – Your installation team will clear the area before installing your new device, but doing this work ahead of time will allow you to place your valuables where you prefer and will allow the team to get to work faster.
  • Make all areas of your home accessible. – Removing the old unit and bringing in the new one will require moving large objects through your home (if the unit is indoors). Clearing a path for this heavy lifting will make it easier on your installation team and decrease the likelihood of damage to any of your belongings.


The installation should be scheduled at your convenience and the installation team should arrive in a timely manner. Every company is different and the AC installation contractor in Sacramento should explain more in details for your project, but the general order of business is as follows:

  • The contractor can walk you through the installation steps and answer any questions you may have.
  • Drop clothes and foot coverings will be placed wherever necessary to keep your home clean and safe during the installation process.
  • The old unit will be disconnected, and all coolant will be removed. The old unit will the be removed from the property.
  • The space where the old unit was located will be cleaned before installation of the new unit.
  • Any retrofits necessary to accommodate the new unit will be performed.
  • If the area in which the unit will be installed is particularly small, such as an attic or crawl space, the new unit may be disassembled in order to be brought into the area.
  • The new unit will be installed per the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Any necessary electrical upgrades for the new system will be made.
  • Any other changes to meet building code requirements, such as adding drain lines, flue pipes, or other components will be completed.
  • Once installation is complete, the installation team will fully inspect and test the new system. Old lines are flushed before adding new refrigerant. Pressure and vacuum tests will be conducted to ensure the installation was successful.
  • All materials and tools used in the installation process will be removed and the general area where the air conditioning unit was installed will be tidied up.
  • Important information regarding the system will be provided, including how to use it and answering any questions the homeowner may have.
  • Before leaving, the installation team will ensure you are satisfied with the job. They will then review all paperwork with you, including warranty, and collect the final payment.

Contact an AC Installation Contractor in Sacramento for your Residential HVAC Needs

The Sacramento summer heat can be extremely difficult and unbearable without proper air conditioning. As air conditioning specialists, we at Clarke and Rush know just what to do to avoid the brutal heat days by planning ahead, providing proper installation and superb maintenance. Give us a call at (916) 609 – 2669 to speak to an AC installation contractor in Sacramento.

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