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signs you need to replace your water line

5 Signs You Need Water Lines Replaced

It is important  to make sure that your water lines are properly maintained at all times. This not only allows you to receive adequate water in your home, but it also prevents contamination and possible damage to your property.

5 signs you need water lines replaced

Soggy Spots on your lawn 

Your water line is buried underground and passed through your yard or lawn. Any break or crack will cause leakages which will lead to the water seeping into the soil. This leaves soggy spots or puddles in your yard. Such conditions can create some undesirable effects. You are likely to experience the following from soggy or pooled puddles in your yard. 

  • Spawning pools for mosquitoes. Water only needs to stay stagnant for a few days for mosquitos to start breeding. 
  • Drowned plants and grass. Once the plants are dead, erosion can occur leaving your yard looking bare and unattractive. This is not an ideal situation if you have kids. 
  • It can make your yard slippery and increase the chances of accidents. Slippery grounds can cause accidents that result in serious injuries and in some extreme cases death. 
  • The water, without being replaced, can damage your foundation and find its way into the basement increasing the level of humidity in your house. This is especially dangerous because the damage can extend to your personal belongings. Excess humidity provides the right conditions for the formation of mold in your house. 

Discolored Water 

Your water line can get old and rusted with time. This will introduce rust into the water which is the cause of the discoloration affecting the quality of the water. Discoloration caused by a faulty water line will be present in all your water faucets and sinks. You are also likely to see it in both hot and cold water. 

Low Water Pressure 

If you are experiencing lower water pressure than normal, then your water line could be leaking and needs to be replaced. You are also likely to see this effect on all your water outlets. Call a trained expert to help you determine where the leakage is and fix it. 

Hike in Water Bills 

If you notice a sudden and unexplainable increase in your water bill, then there could be a problem with your water line. Left unchecked, this can have some substantial financial effects on you. An expert will be able to locate the problem and offer a lasting solution. 

Have Your Water Line Replaced

Now that we’ve gone over the signs you need a water line replaced, you can decide if you need a water line repair. Do not wait until there is extensive damage to your yard or property to call a qualified plumber in Sacramento. Clarke & Rush offers professional water line repairs and replacement services throughout the year. With us, you are can expect a guarantee in performance, zero diagnostic fees, and excellent customer service.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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