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Signs You Need Your Gutters Replaced - Clarke & Rush

Bad Gutters. 6 Signs You Have Them.

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Signs of Bad Gutters are not to be ignored. Gutters are an integral part of your home, and if not taken care of on time, they can lead to bigger and more expensive problems. Timely action is necessary. 

At Clarke & Rush, we are always ready to assess and advise you on the best possible options and course of action you need to take to ensure the health of your gutters. 

6 Signs of Bad Gutters

1. Cracks on the Surface of Gutters

If cracks appear on the surface of the gutters, it is time to replace them quickly, as a delay in their replacement will cause the cracks to grow into fractures, and that will lead to leakage from the gutters which can cause bigger problems and further damage to the drainage system.

2. Rusted Gutters 

Rust can appear on some types of gutters over time. This is typically due to excessive rainfalls. Rust is a good indicator that it is time to install new gutters. If you don’t replace your gutters, the rusted metal will shatter and cause bigger problems for you.

3. Gutters Overflow

If your gutters are overflowing despite the downspout spitting out water, it is a sign that your gutters are probably too narrow for your home and they should be replaced. This overflow could also be a sign of poorly installed, poorly designed, or improperly sloped gutters.

4. Appearance of Screws and Nails

Over time, the screws and nails holding the gutters in place can wear down, become loose, and eventually fall to the ground. So if you start finding screws and nails around your house near the gutters, it is a sign of gutter damage and calls for their replacement.

5. Peeling Paint on Gutters

One of the very obvious signs of water leakage is peeling paint. When you see paint peeling on the surface of the gutter, you should take note that it is time for their replacement, and calls for immediate action.

6. Basement Moisture

Flooding and moisture in your basement might not seem like a consequence of faulty gutters, but it might very well be the case. Damage to gutters and downspouts can cause water leakage and that leakage can seep into the basement or the foundations of the house. In this case, it is better to immediately fix the problem by replacing the gutters instead of having to repair the basement and foundations, which is a very costly and time-consuming project. 

Call a Gutter Professional

If you are facing problems related to gutters contact Clarke & Rush. We will provide our professional opinion and get you a gutter installation estimate.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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