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How Does Repiping Work?

Houses require a lot of maintenance over time, it’s part of the investment. This maintenance allows it to provide you with the needed shelter for a long time. Proper maintains works to maintain the value of the home. It also makes it easier for you to run a healthy home with less contamination and other health hazards. Repiping is part of the maintenance you will have to run in your home. So, how does repiping work?

Repiping involves replacing old pipes with new ones so that you can continue to get a clean supply of water. It also prevents leakages which can cause significant damage to the house and your possessions. 

While your pipes were built to last, they tend to fail and waste away with time leaving unwanted results behind. It is, therefore, important to understand how repiping works before looking for a repiping company in Sacramento.

Why Repipe Your Home? 

There are a number of reasons why you can choose to repipe your house. They include: 

Aged homes – If your house is 50 years old and above, then you are likely going to need to call your Sacramento plumber. This is because 50 years ago, the main material used for piping was galvanized steel which gets corroded in about 50 years. 

Contaminated Water– Do you encounter rust or minerals in your water supply? These tend to accumulate within the pipe after long periods of use. If you notice red or brown particles in your water, then there is a chance this could be rust. This is usually accompanied by lowered water pressure. Rust takes time to build up, therefore, make sure to repipe immediately you notice it. 

Leaks– It is normal for pipes to leak occasionally. However, with time, and as the leakages increase, you might need to repipe your whole system. This will help you reduce the amount of money you spend on fixing every leak. It also saves your property from damage. 

How Does Repiping Work?

Many repiping services in Sacramento do not take place until your Sacramento plumber has accessed your plumbing. They will then decide whether to completely shut off your water supply or simply use a bypass method. Normally, you will not even notice the disruption because they work during the day while you are at work. Repiping only takes a few days. 

Your Sacramento plumber will first cover your floors and furniture to prevent damage from water or dust. They will then locate the pipes by making small surgical cuts in the drywall and ceilings. Plumbers at Clarke & Rush take care not to cause extensive damage to your property by cutting out what needs to be cut in terms of your walls. 

The pipes are then removed and replaced. Your Sacramento plumber is likely to use CPVC, copper, or PEX pipes for replacement. In instances where the piping crosses beneath the floor, your Sacramento plumber will access it using the ceiling below it. 

Finally,  your Sacramento plumber will fix the damage on the walls by patching up holes and cuts before repainting. You can always ask your lumber to add some more pipes if you are in the remodeling process. 

If you need your house repiped or have been encountering plumbing issues in Sacramento, look no further than Clarke & Rush, your number one solution for plumbing services, window replacement, HVAC services, and gutter installation.

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