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geothermal heat pump maintenance

Basic Geothermal Heat Pump Maintenance

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We at Clarke & Rush fully endorse the use of a geothermal heat pump for your Sacramento home. They provide the highest tier of efficiency available, are versatile, and allow for plenty of heating and cooling in your California home. But like any good machine, they require some proper care and maintenance in order to stay in optimal working condition.

We’re not saying that you have to babysit a pump, but you want the absolute best from your heating and cooling system. And it would be silly for us to say that peak performance comes without any upkeep. Luckily, the maintenance required on your end is rather simple. Take a look at this checklist, designed by our experts to help keep your geothermal heat pump performing its best!

Need heat pump maintenance in Sacramento? Call on the specialists at Clarke & Rush today!

General Geothermal Heat Pump Maintenance

  • Keep up with your filter. The hands-down simplest and (arguably) most important aspect of maintaining your HVAC system is to keep up with filters. Both your pump, and the air quality of your home depend on a clean, unobstructed filter. A filter that is old, damaged or dirty drastically impacts the effectiveness of your pump. Filters vary in size and hardiness, so be sure to know exactly what you need, and how often it needs cleaning/replacing. When applicable, strive to get a high-efficiency cleanable filter, if your unit supports one. These save tons of money and stress, and ensure good, solid work from your pump.
  • Keep an eye on your drain. The condensate drain plays an integral role in removing the humidity your pump collects from the machine. If this drain becomes clogged or damaged, it can spell a drop in efficiency at best, and a complete breakdown at worst. The condensate drain should be checked at least at the beginning of each season, to ensure clear and clean flow.
  • Check your ducts. Dirty, dusty and clogged ductwork can choke your geothermal heat pump, drastically reducing efficiency. On top of this, dirty ducts also contribute to a poor air quality, and can be a huge contributor to higher allergy issues and funky, musty home smells. Ductwork cleaning is no small task, but it pays big in the long run.
  • Lubricate moving parts. Mechanical parts in your geothermal heat pump rely on specific amounts of friction to work properly. If they become too stressed, it can spell a huge repair bill and potential disaster. Belts, motors and components (non-electrical) should be lubricated appropriate yearly.
  • Schedule a professional maintenance and check up. When it comes to knowing exactly what your geothermal heat pump needs, nothing beats the trained eye of a certified professional. Regardless of whether you choose to perform certain maintenance yourself, professional assistance should be sought annually to ensure all systems are optimal. In addition, if you would prefer to not perform the aforementioned maintenance, or lack the time, a good maintenance service offers a full maintenance plan that covers all of the bases.

Geothermal Heat Pump Maintenance in Sacramento

The experts at Clarke & Rush are proud to offer our excellent heat pump maintenance services to the Sacramento area. We’ve been providing top-quality service and skill for years, and bring all of the knowledge, tech and ability needed to ensure your pump a long, productive lifespan. Contact us today to learn more about our maintenance services, or to schedule an appointment!

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