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Identifying a furnace problem.

Your furnace is one of the most important equipment in your house, especially during the winter season. Its work is to keep the temperatures conducive for you and your family during this hard season. 

Understanding common furnace problems will help you troubleshoot and fix issues before it breaks down completely. After all, the last thing you want is to live in a cold house or have to spend more money getting someone to carry out a Sacramento furnace repair for issues that could have been avoided.

Here are three common furnace problems you can look for.

Furnace Problems #1:
Thermostat is Not Working Properly.

The first step to checking your thermostat is to first ensure that it is on.

Your thermostat could be faulty if your furnace starts producing erratic amounts of heat, if it stops producing heat, or starts to cycle on and off more frequently than usual.   

Here are other steps you can take if your thermostat starts to act up. 

  1. If your thermostat runs on batteries, change them. You should see a low battery sign when the batteries run out. 
  2. Check for dust and debris inside the thermostat. This will require you to open it before gently blowing some air into it to clean it. 
  3. If your thermostat is programmable, make sure the date and time information is keyed incorrectly. Your system could be on a timer. 
  4. Check the breaker and see if the fuse is intact. Make sure to switch it off first before checking the fuse. 

Furnace Problems #2:
Not Producing Heat. 

Start by checking your thermostat. Test whether your thermostat is working by setting it at different temperatures. There should be a noticeable change in temperature. If this does not work, you could have a problem with the thermostat. 

Check your circuit breaker or fuse. Your breaker will have tripped if the switch is on the off position. You can also try to manually flip it on and off to reset it. Breakers usually fail when there is a problem with the wiring system. 

Furnace Problems #3:
Not Producing ENOUGH Heat.

Your furnace could be producing heat but not enough for your home. To fix this, check the air filter and make sure it is in good condition. A clogged filter means that your furnace will have to work twice as hard thus increasing your energy bills. 

A clogged filter will also reduce the air flowing through the heating and cooling system which, in turn, causes the heat exchanger to overheat. 

This is a quick and simple task that will involve you locating the filter and checking whether there is any blockage. Your filter looks like the grate you find on the floor or in bank ceilings and walls. 

Test your filter by shining a light against it or holding it against the light. You should see the light from the other side. If not, it is time to change it. 

Changing the filter requires that you first turn off your furnace and check the filter points. Make sure not to install it upside down as this affects its effectiveness. 

You are likely to encounter instances where you need to fix your furnace. Learning how to do it is important because it prevents you from wrecking the unit and spending time without your heat on. Do not hesitate to call Clarke & Rush for any inquiries on Furnace maintenance in Sacramento.