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Get Your Home’s Heating System Ready for Winter

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Is Your Home Ready for Winter?

An efficient and effective heating system is a major asset to keeping your Sacramento area home warm and efficient this winter. Ask yourself, is your home ready for the cold winter ahead? There are many ways to improve the function of your heater this year for better indoor air quality, greater general comfort, and lower heating bills that will help you save money throughout the winter season. Let the Smart Energy Experts at Clarke & Rush help improve your heating system’s performance with a heating system tune-up today.

1. Reduce Drafts

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Drafts allow cold air to enter your home, reducing the temperature inside and making your furnace or heat pump work harder to raise it again. Eliminating drafts and air leaks is as simple as inspecting the weather-stripping around your doors and windows and addressing areas that are worn, loose, deteriorating, or missing. You can also reduce drafts by making sure that your windows and doors are energy efficient and by checking and replacing thresholds that are damaged or don’t fit snugly against the bottom of your doors. Energy efficient window and door replacement not only contributes to your home’s appearance, increased energy savings and the comfort of your family but also maximizes the efficiency and prolongs the life of your existing HVAC system and boosts the effectiveness of your insulation.

2. Proper Wall and Attic Insulation

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Home insulation, while hidden in your attic and behind your walls, plays a major role in the efficiency and comfort of your home. Insulation is a critical element in the Clarke & Rush Whole House approach because, as unglamorous as it seems, this passive product works hard in the walls and attic of your home. Because of how important it is, Clarke & Rush will make sure that your home’s insulation is not only the highest in energy efficiency, but that it also contributes to a healthy home environment for your family.

3. Program Your Thermostat

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Programmable thermostats are powerful tools that allow you to customize the function of your HVAC system. During the winter, setting a program that heats your home more while you’re present and less while you’re away will save energy and reduce strain on your heater. Using your thermostat correctly can help you reduce your home’s energy consumption by several percent, which you’ll see reflected in the total on your monthly bills. Programmable thermostats often have several different options and settings, so when you have Clarke & Rush out to provide you with a tune-up, ask our friendly technician to show you how to use your thermostat. Developing an effective heating program will allow you to enjoy the greatest savings and most comfortable home this winter.

4. Schedule an HVAC Tune-Up

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An HVAC tune-up is one of the most important steps you can take toward more efficient heating this winter. Make your home warm and comfortable for your family and holiday guests with a furnace tune-up from the Smart Energy Experts at Clarke and Rush…Call us today at (916) 609-2669 for a furnace tune-up and ask about our Energy Savings Plan for even greater savings. Get more info here maintenance. A heating tune-up with Clarke & Rush will not only ensure your system is clean, it will also check for existing or potential problems and alert you to the need for immediate or pending repairs. HVAC tune-ups are the very best way to not only maintain your heating system, but also to monitor its condition so you can take early action when it’s needed.

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