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How to Prepare Your HVAC Unit for Spring

How to Prepare Your HVAC Unit for Spring

Spring is a time of transition from the colder months of the year to the warmer ones. This season provides an excellent chance for you not only get started on spring cleaning but also gives you a chance to get your HVAC unit ready for summer. Our experts at Clarke & Rush compiled a checklist of some of the items your HVAC unit needs for spring.

Dirty Air Filters 

Regardless of the type of air filter that is in your unit, it is recommended that you check this component every month. Filters that are designed to last for a month should be changed accordingly. Those that can last longer may need to be cleaned every few months.

As you prepare for spring, make sure that the filter is in a good working condition. Otherwise, the pollen, dust and other allergens associated with this season will compromise the indoor air quality in your home. HVAC Sacramento experts caution that dirty filters accelerate the wear on your unit and also increase your energy costs as the unit works harder to move air through the dirty filter.

Air Duct Cleanliness

It may not be helpful for you to install a new air filter when the ducts are very dirty. The filter will clog in no time, and the air circulating in your home will be full of the contaminants.

The beginning of spring is the right time to have the air ducts checked to confirm that they are clean enough to take on the upcoming seasons. If not, the technicians from Clarke & Rush will advise you to schedule duct cleaning within a given timeframe.

Air Duct Sealing

Most homes lose approximately 30 percent of the conditioned air through leaks in the ductwork. These leaks don’t only inflate your energy costs, they also create an opportunity for pollutants to get into the conditioned air circulating within your home. HVAC maintenance for spring should include testing the ducts for leaks and performing the needed repairs if any leaks are discovered.

Outdoor Unit Cleaning

The outdoor components of your HVAC unit also deserve attention during spring maintenance. Trim any overgrown foliage. Remove any debris that may have accumulated around the unit. Above all, make sure that the recommended clearance (a minimum of 2 feet) is maintained around the unit so that it can function effectively. Use this chance to conduct a visual inspection for any signs that small animals are inside that unit. Call an AC unit installation expert immediately if you see evidence that rodents or other small animals are inside the unit.

Thermostat Adjustment or Upgrade

HVAC maintenance for spring should also include adjusting the settings of the thermostat. Remember, you had turned the unit to the heating mode, and you cannot leave it with this setting in the warm months ahead. Change the setting to the cooling mode.

While at it, think about the type of thermostat that you have. Is it a type that makes it easy for you to control the air conditioning of your home? Is it approaching the end of its service life? Professionals at Clarke & Rush may recommend upgrading to either a programmable thermostat or a smart thermostat.

These modern thermostats allow you to adjust the HVAC settings remotely, and the smart thermostats even learn your evolving preferences and intuitively adjust the AC settings by those choices. This takes convenience and efficiency to a whole new level!

AC Component Tests by Clarke & Rush

The technicians from Clarke & Rush perform other technical tests that you cannot perform on your own as a homeowner. These tests include monitoring the pressure at which the refrigerant circulates during the different phases of the operation of the HVAC unit, the current drawn by the AC unit motor, the temperature differentials, and so many other complex and necessary tests to confirm that your unit is operating by its design specifications.

It is therefore imperative for you to contact Clarke & Rush today for an HVAC tune-up so your HVAC unit can be given a clean bill of health. You will then be free to enjoy the warm months without any fear of your HVAC unit breaking down.

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