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Common dishwasher problems solved - Clarke & Rush

5 Common Dishwasher Problems, Solved!

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Dishwasher Problems

It can be costly to call a repair technician each time an appliance, such as your dishwasher, malfunctions. So, here are some simple fixes that you can implement if your dishwasher develops the following problems.

Your Dishes Come Out Wet

According to a Sacramento plumber, the most common reason why a dishwasher will be unable to dry dishes is a malfunctioning heating element. A worn heating element will not be able to generate sufficient heat to dry your dishes at the end of a cleaning cycle.

If the element is okay, the other area to check is the high-limit thermostat. This component is responsible for turning the heating element off to keep it from overheating. Experts at Clarke & Rush say that a defective high-limit thermostat will turn the heat off before your dishes are dry.

Check behind the dishwasher’s access panel at the bottom of the tub. Use a multimeter to check whether the high-limit thermostat is functioning or not. Replace this component if the test shows that it is defective.

The rinse aid dispenser may also be at fault if dishes come out wet. Confirm that the rinse aid dispenser isn’t empty. Otherwise, it can be hard for dishes to dry when the rinse aid dispenser isn’t dispensing properly.

The Appliance Fails to Start

This one is relatively easy to fix because all you may need to do is to confirm that the power outlet is fine and that the dishwasher fuse hasn’t blown. You can also unplug the dishwasher and then plug it back in. Sacramento kitchen plumbers also suggest that you check and be sure that the dishwasher door is latching properly. Some models of dishwashers will not start if the door isn’t latched properly.

Sometimes, the motor may be stuck, and this will cause the dishwasher to operate improperly. To check if this is the problem, unplug the dishwasher and try spinning the motor with your hand. If it doesn’t spin, call an expert for help since such an electrical problem may be beyond your ability to fix.

There Are Water Leaks

It isn’t normal for a dishwasher to start leaking water onto the floor. When this happens, check the dishwasher door and its gasket for cracks, debris or damage that may be preventing the gasket from forming a seal around the door.

Clean the door if you observe debris on it. Consider replacing the gasket if it has visible damage that is allowing water to leak out during a cleaning cycle.

Another common cause of dishwasher leaks that Sacramento plumbers encounter is a defective float switch. This switch controls how much water gets into your dishwasher. If it is stuck in the down position, then water will keep flowing into the dishwasher until the appliance overflows. Clean out this switch and run a cleaning cycle to be sure that the dishwasher is no longer leaking water onto the floor.

Your Dishwasher Emits a Bad Smell

Dishwasher odors can be one of the biggest turnoffs because they make you cringe each time you are going to use a utensil that has just come from the dishwasher. Fortunately, these odors are easy to eliminate on your own.

The first thing that a plumber in Sacramento will recommend is that you check the dishwasher surfaces for old, moist food particles. Clean these out, and the odor may be no more. Pay special attention to the dishwasher screen found at the bottom of the appliance. This screen quickly gets clogged with food particles.

Other times, Tupperware or a plastic container may have made contact with a heating element. When that happens, you will notice a chemical smell coming from your dishwasher. Eliminate this smell by locating the specific part where the plastic or Tupperware item melted against the heating element. Gently scrub off the material so that the chemical smell stops coming from the dishwasher as you use it.

Dishes Come Out Covered in Residues

Another problem that dishwasher repair technicians are often called out to fix has to do with complaints that dishes come out dirty or coated in residues. Before you tinker with the appliance, first ask yourself whether you aren’t overloading the dishwasher.

You may notice that running it with a smaller load will make the problem disappear. Similarly, dishes that aren’t scrapped off before being placed in the dishwasher may come out dirty. A third “minor” reason why dishes may come out dirty is that the spray arms may be unable to spin because a utensil is preventing them from moving freely. Fix this problem, and your dishes may come out sparkling clean.

Next, turn your attention to the appliance if the fixes above don’t resolve the problem. Start by checking for grease and debris in the door gasket and strainer screen. You should also use a brush to clean the dishwasher arms and check that they can spin freely.

Kitchen plumbers in Sacramento also say that some dishwashers leave white residues on dishes due to the hardness of the water available. A water softener will fix this problem. Talk to a plumber from Clarke & Rush regarding the best water softener for your home (whole house or point-of-use models).

When In Doubt, Call Clarke & Rush

The simple fixes above will go a long way in reducing how much you spend on dishwasher repairs. Contact us at Clarke & Rush for help if you encounter a dishwasher problem that is beyond your ability to fix on your own. We shall send out a professional, and the dishwasher will be inspected thoroughly to ensure that no other undetected problem exists in that appliance.

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