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hvac experts explain how to reduce energy use

HVAC Pros Explain How to Reduce Your Energy Usage

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One of the most expensive costs that come with living in a home is the electric bill, which is influenced by the amount of energy that is used. In each season, homeowners often rely on the HVAC unit to heat and cool their interior setting.

If you want to reduce your energy usage at home, there are a few steps that heating & air conditioning experts recommend.

Insulate Your Home

Add extra insulation to the home to prevent heat or cold air from transferring into the building. Insulating the home will also prevent the HVAC system from working too hard each day.

Lower Your Water Heating Costs

Water heater costs make up 18 percent of the energy that is consumed on most properties, making it necessary to adjust your reliance on the product. Reduce the temperature of the water to 120 degrees, which will allow you to continue enjoying warm showers without having it scolding hot. Selecting a new water heater that is the right size for your home will also save extra money.

Adjust the Thermostat

Turn your thermostat down or up a few degrees to avoid making it work too hard. Adjusting the thermostat by two degrees can actually save an average of $180 annually. You can also shut down the HVAC system at night and close off vents to unused rooms at home.

The HVAC unit should also be inspected by a professional that can perform heating and AC repair jobs as well. Simple repairs and maintenance work can increase the efficiency of the appliance. These professionals can also tell you when it’s time to replace the product, and would make helpful suggestions.

Replace the Weather stripping

Worn weather stripping on windows and doors can allow air into the home and will increase your energy costs. Caulk the windows and doors while also replacing the weather stripping to keep the air inside to prevent drafts from being present. Most weather stripping will need to be replaced after a few years.

You can also eliminate drafts around electrical boxes by applying acrylic latex caulk to small gaps that are present after removing the outlet cover. Foam sealant will insulate the larger areas where drafts occur.

The electric bill can cost hundreds of dollars each month due to the amount of energy being used at home. Save more money by taking heed of these simple steps as soon as possible.

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