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Things You May Be Doing that Cause Your HVAC Unit to Fail

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Homeowners often to overlook the importance of proper handling of their heating & air conditioning units. Most of the time, for as long as the units are running properly, heating and cooling rooms as expected, they are considered to be working fine.

However, what most people don’t realize is that they may be doing some things that are actually harmful to their units. Here are some things you may be doing that may lead to your unit’s failure sooner or later.

You Rely Solely on Your Air Conditioner

Yes, your AC is primarily designed to create cool air for interior use. However, if you could ease the burden of the job on it, then you should do it. Most people turn off their fans simply because the AC is already running. Actually, however, and especially during the summer, your AC unit may end up working doubly hard just to counter the hot air in the room. This could mean bigger energy consumption as the unit struggles to produce more cool air.

If you want to make the most out of fans, use them to improve airflow, which can then help expedite the room’s cooling.

No Blinds or Curtains in the Room

Sure, you’d like to see the view outside that’s why you have these gorgeous windows. However, if you have your AC on but you don’t even draw as much as a simple curtain over the windows, then the cool air from the air conditioner will only be offset by the warm sunlight coming into the room through the windows.

Even if the sunlight does not directly enter the room, the heat generated from the outside can still affect the temperature inside, especially if the insulation is no longer as efficient. This is especially crucial for windows facing the south side of the house. In fact, this is why the most ideal location for an AC is on the north side. If it can’t be helped, then at least make sure that it’s protected with curtains or blinds.

Cooling Empty Rooms

Assuming that you’re using a central air conditioning unit, you should be mindful as to which rooms the vents are sending cool air off to. If there are empty rooms which won’t be used anytime soon, then you’re not only putting undue pressure on the unit, but you’re also driving your energy consumption up.

For tips on how to reduce your heating and cooling costs, click here. 

The point is that you must also be mindful of applying smart practices so that you don’t contribute to the faster wear and tear of your AC unit. Apart from taking these maintenance steps, you should also make sure to call on professionals like Clarke & Rush for any issues that need AC repair at the soonest possible time.

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