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How to Tell if You Need Air Conditioning Repair

How To Tell If You Need Air Conditioning Repair in Sacramento

Thermostats detect the temperature of a room and compare this to the desired temperature, activating the home’s heating or cooling components when the comparison differs significantly. Thermostats do their job quietly without requiring too much outside work. When they do stop functioning, everyone in the home is likely to notice and perhaps panic. Before calling an ac repair company, first check that the thermostat is not to blame and then seek air conditioning repair in Sacramento.

Can I move my HVAC unit myself

What kind of thermostat do I have?

The first thing a homeowner should do is determine which type of thermostat is installed. There are two main types of thermostats:

  1. Electromechanical thermostat – These thermostats are the older and more basic models, relying on wires, levers, and a magnet to indicate if there is a significant difference between the detected temperature and the indicated temperature. In these thermostats, a strip of two types of metals are joined together just under the cover, often in a coil shape. This coil will expand or contract in reaction to changes in temperature. The coil is attached to a rotating post, which is connected to the temperature lever, which the homeowner has adjusted for the specific temperature desired. When the coil expands or shrinks, the rotating post affects the lever. When the lever is moved sufficiently from the desired temperature, the heater or air conditioning unit is activated.
  2. Electronic thermostat – This is the modern version of the thermostat and functions like a simple computer. These are often programmable, permitting flexibility in temperature controls, timers, and preferences. Unlike electromechanical thermostats, electronic thermostats do not require manual adjustments. They can be programmed to different temperatures throughout the day so a homeowner’s preferences for the temperature of their home during sleep, wake, and work can all be automatic. These preferences can even be programmed for different days of the week. While this automated system is much more convenient, it means the machinery is much more complicated with more components that can malfunction. For less expensive models, the maintenance to repair the ac system may be more expensive than simply replacing the unit by Sacramento ac installation contractors at Clarke & Rush.

summer thermostat settings

Once the thermostat type is determined, there are several ways to troubleshoot your system, depending on the problem. Be sure to cut power to the system before opening the thermostat and cleaning or repairing any components. It’s always best to get ac repair in Sacramento done by a specialist.

Furnace won’t start

  • Check the power source – Look for blown fuses, tripped breakers, and dead batteries
  • Check for dirt, dust, and other debris inside the thermostat – A buildup can cause the mechanical and electrical components to malfunction. Clean using a soft brush, such as a clean paintbrush. Compressed air is another great tool.
  • Investigate screws and wires for loose or corroded components – Check the owner’s manual to ensure wires are correctly placed.

Thermostat won’t adjust temperature to desired setting

Sometimes it just seems the thermostat is not doing its job. To determine if the thermostat is adjusting the room temperature to what is indicated on the thermostat, perform the following test:

  • Tape a thermometer to the wall beside the thermostat.
  • Wait for at least 15 minutes to give the thermometer time to stabilize on a reading.
  • Compare the thermometer to the thermostat reading.
  • If the thermometer and thermostat differ by more than a single degree, the thermostat is most likely not giving an accurate reading. This should be mentioned to the repairman when seeking air conditioning repair in Sacramento.

Other considerations

  • Be sure the inside of the thermostat is clean
  • Check that the thermostat is level – this affects the internal components.
  • Check the location of the thermostat. If the thermostat is in direct sunlight or near a window or door, it may affect the temperature the thermostat is detecting.
  • For electromechanical thermostats, there may be a problem with the indicator arm. If this arm is in the wrong position, the heater may be turning off and on in quick succession, or may exceed or never reach the desired temperature. Open the thermostat cover and push the arm one calibration towards the word “longer” if the heater or air conditioner is turning off and on in quick succession. Push the arm one calibration away from the word “longer” if the desired temperature is being exceeded or not reached.

Having difficulties with your heater or air conditioning unit can be very frustrating. These simple troubleshooting techniques will hopefully allow you to save on the cost of a repairman or make the maintenance appointment quick and easy.

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