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when to replace my toilet

Does My Toilet Need Replacing?

| Clarke & Rush |

Most of us don’t even think about the toilets in our homes until they start having problems. And, then it seems most would rather just replace the existing problem toilet instead of attempting repairs. There are times, however, where it makes more sense to repair the existing toilet instead of getting a new one. The real trick is knowing which is the best option for your situation.

Other than the cosmetic appearance, like the color or scratches that make the toilet look unappealing no matter how much you clean it, there are some other situations where replacing your toilet is the smartest choice. Read on to see four examples where this is the case.

  1. Crack in the porcelain: small little cracks can seem harmless enough- until they have a catastrophic failure and flood at the most inopportune times. Everytime you clean your toilet, check for cracks. If you notice them, you will want to replace the toilet before it gets worse and result in leaks.
  2. Too many repairs: If you discover that you are repairing the same problem over and over, it becomes a waste of money and time. Chances are replacing the toilet instead of trying to fix the same problem again will actually cost you less. A toilet that has to be fixed repeatedly is probably going to need to be replaced soon anyway, so it makes sense not to pay for any more repairs.
  3. Water consumption: Older model toilets do not use modern, low-flow technology to save water with each flush. This alone may be a reason to replace a toilet, to help the environment and save money on monthly your water bill. Ultimately, you can make a choice that will save you money every year, by installing a low-flow toilet, or even a dual-flush model that will save you even more.
  4. Recurring clogs: No one enjoys plunging toilets (do they?) and regularly having to plunge your toilet gets tedious very quickly. Older toilets are typically plagued by random clogs, and frequently take multiple flushes to clear the bowl. Replacing your toilet with a new model will successfully eliminate the problems.

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