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Helpful Tips In Hiring An Experienced Plumber in Sacramento

| Clarke & Rush |

In need of an experienced plumber in Sacramento?

There is always points to consider when faced with the task of repairing or maintaining your residential plumbing system. While we understand that there are some jobs that can be tackled by yourself, for the more serious issues nothing more than an experienced plumber will suffice. At Clarke & Rush we know that it can be daunting when coming to the decision of which plumbing service to go for. Here are some simple tips to consider when hiring a plumber:

Are they licensed, registered, and insured?

We would strongly recommend avoiding plumbers who are neither licensed, registered or uninsured. It can make for a costly mistake. You may well get a better rate but the quality of work could be lacking. The old motto “buy cheap, pay double” can certainly apply in this regard. If the professional you are speaking with is hesitant to show you their credentials we would suggest to keep looking. At Clarke & Rush we have all the credentials needed to prove to you that we are the right choice.

How important are customer reviews and references?

For us this is a no brainer. Every contractor will be quick to tell you of how efficient and professional they are, and that their quality of work is unmatched. What you need to pay attention to is how their former clients feel about the work carried out for them. We have a review page on our website that you can visit here and see what our clients have to say about us.

Experience is key

We are all for the young professionals out there that want to make a name for themselves and that’s great, everybody has to start somewhere. But when it comes to the more complicated cases we believe that going with a highly experienced plumber who has many years working within the field is best. For over 50 years Clarke & Rush has delivered high quality plumbing services to our customers. From simple leak repairs to 24-hour plumbing emergencies, our professional team can take care of your home. We are known for the consistent quality of our work that has built trust and confidence in the Sacramento area.

Is there a warranty in place after the work has been completed?

We have heard a lot of bad experiences from customers with other contractors about jobs being only half completed, or that break down after a short while with no guarantee of their maintenance. On the rare occasion that the work we have completed has a few kinks, or is not exactly firing on all cylinders we will gladly revisit the site and rectify what is going wrong. We have a warranty of 1 year which should give you piece of mind, knowing that that safety net is in place.

We hope that these few helpful tips can aid in you making the right decision. You can contact Clarke & Rush by phone on (916)609-2669 or fill out our online contact form. To get a plumbing instant quote please fill out this form here.

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