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It’s Time For Your Furnace Tune-Up

It’s Time For Your Furnace Tune-Up

Your home is equipped with appliances and utilities that help make your life easier. Most of us look forward to coming home to a nice and cozy house after a long work week. A furnace provides you extra warmth during the cold winter seasons, so it’s important to stay on top of your furnace repairs and maintenance. Getting your furnace checked out by a professional HVAC technician is key to keeping your furnace working for years to come. So, when do I need to get a furnace tune-up? Typically, we suggest tune-ups before winter has settled in, that way you can have your furnace up and running when you need it the most. Yup, that’s right, it’s time for your furnace tune-up Sacramento!

During your professional tune-up, one of our Clarke & Rush HVAC technicians will clean and inspect your furnace. The technician will have a checklist to ensure nothing gets left behind. In this article, we discuss what exactly you can expect during our furnace tune-up.

The checklist will include: 

Furnace Cleaning

This involves cleaning components such as then fan blades, drain lines, and blowers of the outdoor unit. The coil will also be cleaned. Given that your outdoor unit is more likely to get dirty due to its positioning, components such as the coil are hard to clean. Let a qualified HVAC technician do it. 

Furnace Inspection 

This involves looking for faults such as cracks and wear and tear. Your technician can also pinpoint other problems that might occur in the future and fix them. During this inspection, the technician will tighten any wiring connections, check the vacuum indoor filter and adjust burners.  

Furnace Testing 

If you are using a gas or oil furnace, you will need to get it checked regularly to prevent leaks and fumes which are dangerous to you and your family’s health. 

Your Sacramento technician will also test fuel pressure, pilot or igniter, thermostat controls, and airflow. They will also use a performance evaluation computer (PEC) to make further adjustments and ensure that your furnace is in top shape. 

The testing, cleaning, and inspection of your furnace should not take long. Your technician will provide you with a checklist to ascertain that they have down a problem tune-up of your system. 

Determining Whether to Tune-up or Replace Your Furnace 

Your furnace is likely to last for about 15 to 20 years with proper furnace maintenance. So, you may not need to replace your furnace for a long time, especially if you are a first time owner. 

There are, however, things other than age that can influence your decision to replace your home’s furnace. 

Your energy consumption, for example, is one factor. If your energy bill keeps hiking due to the furnace it could mean a problematic blower. It might be time to replace your furnace. 

Additionally, if you keep having to call an HVAC technician for repairs or keep hearing banging or rattling sounds whenever the furnace is on, you might have to replace the unit. Your HVAC technician will be better able to let you know whether you need a furnace repair or furnace replacement

Call Clarke & Rush for professional furnace maintenance in Sacramento. We offer top-rated furnace installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance to keep your home heating system in the best condition throughout the year. 

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