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Getting Your Home ready for fall

Getting your Home Ready for Fall

When preparing your home for the colder temperatures to come, people often overlook their water heaters, without realizing that this apparent harmless omission can actually lead to higher energy bills, or worse, a breakdown of their water heating system – something you do not want to face in colder temperatures. Getting your home ready for fall isn’t too hard.  It’s best to make sure everythings working properly. Our water heater experts at Clarke & Rush have prepared a to-do list that will make sure that your water heater perfoms at its full potential throughout the new seasons.

Drain the Water Tank

Over a period of time, especially in the heat, minerals precipitate from the water and settle at the bottom of the hot water tank. This hinders the efficiency of the hot water tank and clogs the drain. So, it is a good idea to drain the water tank at least once a year, preferably before fall. 

Insulate the Water Heater Tank

One of the best ways to reduce the costs associated with water heating is to prevent heat loss. This can only be done by insulating the hot water tank. The foil insulating blankets are easily available in the market at reasonable prices. 

Monitor the Pressure Rlief Valve

Pressure relief valve needs to be checked. You’ll see if the pressure is escaping or if it’s trapped. This part of the checkup is really important as the buildup of pressure inside the tank can cause it to explode, and that can be a big security risk. 

Check the Anode Rod

The water heater is equipped with an anode rod, whose main function is to prevent rust from accumulating on the walls of the tank. The anode rod is prone to corrosion over time and after corrosion, it will lose its peak performance. Eventually, it will cause the tank to rust. Therefore, it is imperative to check the anode rod for efficient performance of the tank. 

Turn the Temperature Up

Adjusting the temperature of the water to hot is a good method to prevent bacteria from entering the water. The temperature you should be aiming for is around 140 F, as this temperature is enough to fight off bacteria without burning your skin.

Solve all of your plumbing problems by Contacting Clarke & Rush

Now that you’re getting your home ready for fall, you can contact Clarke & Rush for some professional help. Schedule a plumbing maintenance or water heater checkup so you can be ready for fall without any worries. 

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