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prevent tree root damage to pipes

How To Prevent Tree Root Damage To Pipes

| Clarke & Rush |

Boths trees and their root systems grow slowly, but they are living things that are perpetually seeking nourishment to continue growing. Any plant will grow toward a source of nourishment, rather than away from it. If a nearby tree’s roots detect a water supply coming from a small leak in your pipes, then chances are those roots will grow toward that water supply. Roots can eventually enter a pipe through the tiniest crack, and continue growing with a steady amount of pressure and strength. As the root grows and becomes larger, so does the crack in your pipe, and as the invasive root becomes larger, it becomes increasingly difficult to remove. Sometimes roots can even shatter pipes entirely if the problem continues over a length of time. Water main supply lines, sewer lines, and drain pipes are all susceptible to tree root damage.

Preventing Pipe Damage from Tree Roots

The matter of preventing or reducing pipe damage from growing tree roots involves keeping trees that could cause damage away from underground drains and pipes.

  • Find out where your plumbing and sewer lines are located: A quick call to your local utility company will inform you as to where all of the underground lines are before you plant any trees. Most utility companies offer 1-800 numbers for this specific purpose. Do your best to ensure any trees are planted well away from existing sewer lines and pipes.
  • Choose plants that won’t cause damage for landscaping: Once you have discovered where are your plumbing lines are, you can landscape with plants that are less likely to harm plumbing systems. Slow-growing trees or shrubs with small root systems, for example, may be a good choice.
    Protect pipes, drain and sewer lines: Installing wood or metal barriers designed to prevent roots from getting to sewer lines and pipes can be a good safeguard as well.
  • Call for inspection: If frequent clogs are an issue, or if you observe puddles or wet areas where there shouldn’t be, contact the trusted plumbers at Clarke & Rush for an evaluation. We use state-of-the-art video equipment to thoroughly inspect your pipes, and determine if tree roots are the problem, and what steps to take to resolve it.

Clarke & Rush is the top choice for heating, cooling, and plumbing in the Sacramento area. We have been proudly taking care of customers for over 50 years. Contact us today for more information on preventing pipe damage from tree roots and for expert prevention and repair services when needed.

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