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is replacing my ac compressor worth it

Is Replacing My AC Compressor Worth It?

If your AC system stopped working, you’re probably wondering whether it would be worth it to replace just the AC compressor or the entire AC unit. The experts at Clarke & Rush explain some of the factors you should consider.

Step #1: Confirm the AC Compressor Needs Replacing

You need to be convinced beyond a shadow of doubt that the AC compressor has failed and needs to be replaced. No one wants to spend all that money on a new compressor if you still having doubts about the necessity of such expenditure.

One way to confirm that the compressor is kaput is by asking a Clarke & Rush technician who’s assessed your AC unit. It’s best for you to have an expert confirm the condition of the compressor. Our experienced professionals will check the compressor and give you an opinion, as well as your options.

Step #2: Is the Warranty Still Valid?

The second major consideration is whether the compressor is still covered by a warranty. If it is still covered, you are in luck. All you have to do is contact the manufacturer and then pay for labor when the new compressor is installed.

If the compressor is out of warranty, you will have to foot the cost of not just the new compressor but the labor to have it installed as well. In this case, it may make more sense to replace the entire AC unit since compressors are the most expensive components of ACs. That means that you will simply top up a little more money and get a new unit which is more reliable and will perform better using less power.

Go online and search for “AC installation in Sacramento” and you will find reputable HVAC companies, such as Clarke & Rush. Get in touch with one of our AC professionals so that they can take you through a comparison of replacing a compressor vs. buying a new AC unit. You’ll know exactly what you should do after talking to one of our professionals. Get a quick and easy HVAC installation quote now.

Step #3: Think About the Indoor AC Unit

As you may know, ACs have an indoor and an outdoor unit. The compressor is the main component of the outdoor unit. If the compressor is broken and you are considering replacing the entire outdoor unit, you need to think about how your decision will affect the indoor unit.

For example, one option entails replacing both the indoor and the outdoor units. While this can increase your expenditure, it comes with advantages. These include having a properly matched indoor and outdoor unit.

The other option is to replace just the outdoor unit if your budget is limited. However, such a decision comes with several drawbacks, such as voiding the warranty on the new outdoor unit since most manufacturers aren’t comfortable covering an outdoor unit which isn’t perfectly matched with the indoor unit. Additionally, air conditioning service technicians in Sacramento reveal that mismatched outdoor and indoor units result is lower efficiency since the better performance of the new outdoor unit will be compromised by the older and inefficient indoor unit.

Talk to our professional from the best HVAC company in Sacramento about the pros and cons of replacing the outdoor unit only vs replacing both the indoor and outdoor units.

Step #4: The Age of the AC Unit

It is also helpful for you to factor in the age of your AC unit as you consider whether it is worth it to replace the compressor or not. Age is crucial for a number of reasons.

First, the U.S. EPA has given a deadline of 2020 to put an end to the production of R-22 refrigerant. Most new units coming on the market use a different refrigerant (R410a). Compatibility issues have to be addressed if the two components are designed to use different kinds of refrigerants.

Older units (those more than 8 years old) are also no longer as efficient as they once were, so it may not make economic sense to replace the compressor on such units. Upgrading to newer models is a wiser decision, says a technician experienced in AC unit replacement in Sacramento.

We know that this decision can be difficult for you to make as a homeowner. We suggest that you weigh out all the factors above on your own and make the right decision about your AC compressor. We would be more than happy to help you so that you don’t make a costly mistake. Contact us at Clarke & Rush today for a breakdown of the available options in the event that your compressor has failed.

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