Top Benefits of Installing Dual Pane Windows

If it is time for you to replace your home’s windows, then consider dual pane windows. These windows have two glass panels set in a single frame. The two glass panels are separated by a small space that is typically filled with nontoxic gasses that improve insulation. For a nice cosmetic finish, many double pane windows have decorative frames between the glass panels.

Dual pane windows offer numerous advantages over standard windows. Check out the following reasons why your Sacramento home should be outfitted with them.

  • Better Insulation: The framing materials of the windows provide good insulation. In cold climates the outer frame provides additional insulation and in warmer climates, cooler air is kept inside.
  • Energy Efficient: Dual pane windows are extremely energy efficient. These windows will help keep heat and air inside your home, lightening the strain put on your heating and air conditioning systems. Dual pane windows also feature special coatings to prevent ultraviolet radiation and sun rays from entering your home and destroying floors, rugs, and photographs.
  • Noise Reduction: The two panes of glass, featuring a gap of air between them serve as valuable insulation for your home, reducing outside sound. The noise reduction makes dual pane windows ideal for homes located in loud environments, such as big cities.
  • Easy to Open & Close: Like other windows, dual pane windows can be easily opened and closed whenever you want. With these windows, you can have a nicely insulated home during the summer and winter months, and let the nice breeze in during the springtime.

When you are ready to invest in dual pane windows, contact Clarke & Rush. For more than four decades, we have been providing Sacramento with the best air conditioning and heating systems. From the best windows, plumbing, and solar panels, Clarke & Rush can provide your home with the most up-to-date and energy efficient heating and cooling systems.