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Top 4 signs your main sewer line is clogged - Clarke & Rush

Top 4 Signs Your Main Sewer Line is Damaged or Clogged

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Signs Your Main Sewer Line is Clogged

Some clogs are easy for homeowners to fix while others signify that there could be a bigger problem in the plumbing system. One of those bigger problems that should be dealt with promptly is a clog or damage to the main sewer line. But, how can a homeowner know that the clog inside the house, such as in the toilet, points to a clog in the main sewer line? Read on and discover how you can detect that the main sewer line may be having a clog or some form of damage.

Sign #1: Several Drains are Backed Up

One of the first warning signs you that the main sewer line is damaged or clogged is when you notice that several drains within your home are backed up. The blockage in the main sewer line causes wastewater to back up in other drains when that water isn’t able to flow through the drainage system.

It is therefore futile to keep unblocking one drain at a time when the real problem lies with the main sewer line. The best approach to take in this case is to call a plumber in Sacramento, such as an expert from Clark & Rush. The plumber will inspect the entire drainage system and locate where the clog or damage is found so that a lasting remedy can be implemented.

Sign #2: A Strong Sewage Smell in Fixtures

Another common sign that your main sewer line is clogged is the sewer smell that keeps coming from different plumbing fixtures. For example, you may be using the sink in your bathroom, and then you notice that a strong smell of sewage is coming from the floor drain in the shower compartment. These smells can waft throughout your home and make it hard for you to enjoy your haven of peace. Have the main sewer line checked out by a plumber from a reputable plumbing company in Sacramento so that this problem can be fixed before it worsens.

Sign #3: Sewage in Floor Drains

Look no further than a clog or damage to the main sewer line if you observe sewage in floor drains. That sewage is backing up to those floor drains because it has nowhere to flow due to a blockage in the main sewer line.

This situation can be dangerous because germs and raw sewage may start flowing freely within the home. Contact an emergency plumber in Sacramento and have the problem fixed so that normalcy returns to your entire plumbing system.

Sign #4: The Sewer Cleanout Has Water

A sewer cleanout is a pipe that drops directly into the main sewer line. This pipe is used by plumbers to gain access to, and clean the main sewer line. The cleanout pipe is usually located in the basement or just outside the home. It has a lid that is round or rectangular.

You can unscrew this lid carefully and use a flashlight to see down into the pipe. Be careful as you open the cap/lid because pressure may have built up inside the pipe and sewage may flood into your home if you open it all the way when such pressure is still present. Quickly re-tighten the screw if you hear a hissing sound or see fluid slowly leaking out even before the cap is fully open. Get in touch with a plumbing company in Sacramento immediately.

Under normal circumstances, the cleanout pipe shouldn’t have any water in it. The water you see is, therefore, a sign that the main sewer line is damaged or there’s a clog in there.

What You Can Do If the Main Sewer Line Has a Clog

First, avoid flushing the toilet or using any of the other fixtures that discharge water into the sewer system. Any extra water can worsen the situation and even cause a pipe to burst.

Secondly, experts at Sacramento plumbing companies advise homeowners to turn the main water shutoff valve off. This will prevent another person from flushing the toilet or doing anything else to strain the clogged system further.

Once you have taken the precautions above, call a licensed plumber in Sacramento immediately. You will be unable to use the plumbing system until the clog or damage has been traced to its source and an appropriate solution is implemented. For example, a tree root may have breached the main sewer line. This root has to be cut and the damaged pipe repaired.

Could It Be a Municipal/City Back up Problem?

It is hard to tell whether the sewer line problems that you are experiencing are caused by a localized problem or the city/municipality sewer line is defective. This is because the two situations will cause the same symptoms.

However, the experts at Clarke & Rush say that the best way to distinguish between the two kinds of related problems is by talking to your neighbors. If none of them is experiencing what is going on at your property, then the problem is with your main sewer line. If other property owners are also complaining, then you need to alert the municipal or city authorities since it isn’t your responsibility to repair the city sewer line.

Clogged main sewer lines can cause untold inconveniences and costs to homeowners. The best way to limit the likelihood of such problems is by working with a reputable plumbing company in Sacramento, such as Clarke & Rush, so that routine inspections and repairs can be done to forestall major problems with the plumbing system in your home

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